Overview of vaccination against Omicron strains

Overview of vaccination against Omicron strains

Please note: Those who have been vaccinated with "Novavacs (Takeda Vaccine)" after November 8, 2020 cannot receive the Omicron strain vaccine.
We carry out booster inoculation using bivalent vaccine corresponding to Omicron strain and conventional strain.
After the 3rd vaccination, the Omicron strain vaccine (BA.1 compatible type or BA.4-5 compatible type) will be given once .

From January 2023, the BA.1 compatible vaccine will be used at venues such as municipal facilities

Currently, the Omicron strain vaccine inoculated in the city is a BA.4-5 vaccine.
From January 2023, "BA.1 compatible vaccine" will be used at venues such as municipal facilities.
Hospitals and clinics other than municipal facilities will continue to use the "BA.4-5 compatible vaccine".

(Note) BA.1 and BA.4-5 vaccines are both expected to be more effective than conventional vaccines. For details, please see the following "The types of bivalent vaccines for Omicron strains have increased (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)".

Target audience

Those aged 12 and over who have completed the first vaccination (1st and 2nd vaccination)
(Note) Those who have not completed the first vaccination will be inoculated with the conventional vaccine.
About the 1st and 2nd doses (12 years old and over)

Inoculation possible period

Three months after the last vaccination date (explanatory note) The vaccination interval was changed from "5 months" to "3 months" on October 21, 2022.

Vaccination ticket delivery/reservation schedule

Vaccination ticket delivery/reservation schedule
Target audience Delivery date of vaccination ticket, etc. Reservation start date
have a vaccination card Use the vaccination ticket you have (If you lose it, you need to apply for reissuance) as needed
I don't have a vaccination ticket Shipped approximately two weeks before the vaccination period As soon as you receive your vaccination ticket

(Explanatory Note) Click here to apply for reissue. About reissue application
(explanatory note) Reservation start date of medical office varies according to each medical office.
(explanatory note) Click here for the vaccination ticket shipping schedule. 3rd, 4th and 5th vaccination ticket shipping schedule

Vaccine used

Bivalent vaccine for Omicron and conventional strains. Use the Pfizer vaccine.

Vaccination Venue/Reservation Method

Out-of-address notification of inoculation

If you have a resident card outside of Nerima Ward and want to get vaccinated in Nerima Ward, you need to submit a notification of vaccination outside of your address.
For information on how to apply, please refer to "Persons who want to be vaccinated in Nerima Ward" .

About pick-up support and home-visit vaccination

Inoculation cost


Information and instructions for bivalent vaccination against Omicron strains

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