Vaccine for Omicron strain will be administered

  • The vaccination interval has been shortened from "5 months or more" to "3 months or more".
  • From October 21, 2020 (Friday), vaccination against Pfizer Omicron strain (BA.4/5) has started.
  • From December 9, 2020 (Friday), we started inoculation of Moderna's Omicron strain (BA.4/5) vaccine.
  • Vaccines to be used will differ depending on the venue, so please check the "New Corona Vaccine Mass Vaccination Venue" page for the vaccines to be used at each venue.

New corona vaccine mass vaccination venue

Inoculation target person

Those who are 12 years old or older with a resident card in Meguro Ward and who have completed the first vaccination (1st and 2nd vaccination) of the new coronavirus vaccine

booster dose

3 months or more after the most recent vaccination

Number of inoculations

You can inoculate once per person.

Inoculation ticket shipping time

Vaccination tickets will be sent to those eligible for vaccination as the time for vaccination approaches. Shipping times are as follows. Shipping times are subject to change.

Inoculation ticket shipping time, etc.
Most recent inoculation completion time Inoculation ticket shipping time (planned)
Until September 30, 2022 Shipped by Tuesday, December 13, 2022
From October 1, 2020 to October 10 December 23, 2020 (Friday)
From October 11, 2020 to October 20 January 6, 2020 (Friday)
From October 21 to October 31, 2022 January 13, 2020 (Friday)

We will inform you again about the delivery of vaccination tickets to those whose most recent vaccination was completed after November 2022.

If you lose or do not receive your vaccination ticket

If you have lost your vaccination ticket, or if you have not received your vaccination ticket within one week after the ticket was shipped, please apply using the form below or contact the COVID-19 Vaccination Call Center (Phone: 0120-102-654). Contact Please.

Link to external site Opens in a new window. New Corona vaccination ticket issuance application form

Vaccine to use

Pfizer's Omicron strain (BA.1 or BA.4/5) vaccine or Moderna's Omicron strain (BA.1 or BA.4/5) vaccine

How to reserve a group vaccination venue in Meguro Ward

Make a reservation by "friending" the Meguro Ward official account of the communication app LINE, or make a reservation by calling the Meguro Ward Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center (LINE is a communication app provided by LINE Corporation. Smartphones and tablet devices) available free of charge from).
To make a reservation, you need the vaccination ticket number written on the vaccination ticket.

How to make a reservation on LINE for the new coronavirus vaccination

How to book a new coronavirus vaccination by phone

Vaccines to be used differ depending on the venue, so please check here for vaccines to be used for each venue.

New corona vaccine mass vaccination venue

Vaccination reservation at individual vaccination venues in Meguro Ward

We carry out individual inoculation to inoculate at family clinic and hospital.

Reservation method

Individual vaccination venues cannot be reserved from the official LINE account of Meguro Ward or the vaccination call center. Individual vaccinations are accepted by telephone or at the reception desk at each venue.
The reservation method differs for each medical institution, so please check from the following page.

Individual vaccination venue for new corona vaccine

Obtaining consent for vaccination

Only when there is consent of person receiving inoculation, we inoculate.
(Note) Those between the ages of 12 and 15 must be accompanied by a guardian at the time of vaccination and must have their guardian's signature on the vaccination request form.

For questions about vaccines and side effects, please see the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's New Corona Vaccine QA.

Link to external site Opens in a new window. Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare New Corona Vaccine QA (Vaccine for Omicron strain)

Vaccination status in Meguro Ward

Vaccination results in Meguro Ward (Meguro Ward Vaccine Meter) are posted.

Meguro Vaccine Meter

An application may be required to issue a vaccination ticket.

If you have completed vaccinations overseas or have moved to another municipality, you will need to apply for a vaccination ticket.

Click here for the application procedure

New Corona vaccine 1st and 2nd vaccination

We will continue with the original strain vaccine.

New coronavirus vaccination (1st and 2nd vaccination)

Vaccination Health Damage Relief System

Vaccinations can cause health problems. Since it is extremely rare but cannot be eliminated, a remedy system is in place.
Relief (medical expenses, disability pension benefits, etc.) based on the Vaccination Act is also available if health damage occurs due to vaccination with the new coronavirus vaccine.
For procedures, etc., please contact the COVID-19 Vaccination Call Center (Phone: 0120-102-654).

Link to external site Opens in a new window. Relief System for Vaccination Health Damage (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

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