Introduction of vaccine for Omicron strain started (distributed on September 15, 2020)

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On September 14, the Vaccine Subcommittee of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare officially decided on the policy regarding vaccination against the Omicron strain, and vaccination began on September 20. Vaccination targets are ``those aged 12 years or older who have completed the first vaccination (1st and 2nd vaccination), and 5 months or more have passed since the last vaccination''. Along with this, Chiyoda Ward will establish a vaccination system for the Omicron strain as follows.

When to start vaccination at the mass vaccination venue

Image: Those who are eligible for the 1.4th vaccination (60 years old or older, 18-59 years old with underlying diseases, medical workers, etc.) will be vaccinated from September 28th.

Image: Those who are 12 years old or older who are eligible for the 4th vaccination other than 2.1, and those who are 12 years old or older who are eligible for the 3rd vaccination will start vaccination from October 11th.

Chiyoda-ku mass vaccination venue (as of September 15)
venue Vaccine used Scheduled start date
Comprehensive Health Checkup Promotion Center (1-3-12 Kanda Misakicho) Pfizer Conventional Pfizer for Omicron Stocks From September 28th
Sanraku Hospital (2-5 Kanda Surugadai) Pfizer for Omicron stock Moderna for Omicron stock From September 29th
Tokyo Teishin Hospital (2-14-23 Fujimi) Pfizer Pediatrics for Omicron Strains From September 30th

When to start vaccination at individual medical institutions

For all subjects 1 to 3, after October 11th, each medical institution will start inoculation (about 60 places)

About vaccination ticket

  • Those who are newly able to receive the 4th dose of 2
    The 4th vaccination ticket will be shipped in two stages on October 5th and 11th. Reservations can be made as soon as the vaccination ticket arrives
  • 1 and 3 people can make a reservation with the vaccination ticket they already have


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