Overview of bivalent vaccination for Omicron strains

Inoculation target person

Those aged 12 and over who have completed the first (1st and 2nd) vaccination

Inoculation interval

At least 3 months have passed since the last vaccination of the first (1st and 2nd), 3rd or 4th vaccination

*Relevant ministerial ordinances were revised on October 21 (Friday), and the vaccination interval was shortened to " 3 months ".

(Note) If there is no same date after 3 months, the vaccination will be possible from the 1st of the following month.

  • If you received the previous vaccination on August 1, 2022 ⇒ From November 1, 2022, bivalent vaccination for Omicron strains is possible
  • If you received the previous vaccination on August 31, 2022 ⇒ From December 1, 2022, bivalent vaccination against Omicron strains is possible
About vaccination interval with other vaccines such as influenza vaccine
  • The new corona vaccine and influenza vaccine can be vaccinated at the same time without leaving an inoculation interval.
  • Vaccines other than influenza vaccine cannot be given at the same time. Each can be vaccinated two weeks after receiving the other vaccine.
  • Influenza vaccine cannot be given at the ward's new corona vaccine group vaccination venue. Please make a reservation at a medical institution.

Vaccine to use

What is a bivalent vaccine for Omicron strains?

The bivalent vaccine for Omicron strains is a "bivalent" vaccine that is compatible with both conventional strains and Omicron strains (BA.1 or BA.4-5).

On November 28th (Monday), the related ministerial ordinance was revised, and it became possible to inoculate the bivalent vaccine corresponding to the Omicron strain (BA.4-5) of the Moderna vaccine.

From December 10 (Saturday), the city will switch to the BA.4-5 compatible vaccine and inoculate.

Types of bivalent vaccines for Omicron strains
1st and 2nd inoculation target Those who are eligible for the third and subsequent inoculations
12-17 years old 18+

Pfizer vaccine

[BA.4-5 compatible type]

× (cannot be used)

moderna vaccine

[BA.4-5 compatible type]

× (cannot be used)

Efficacy of bivalent vaccine for Omicron strain

It is expected to be more effective against the Omicron strain than conventional vaccines.

The booster vaccine for the Omicron strain contains the components of the Omicron strain, so when compared to the conventional vaccine, the immunity that contributes to the prevention of exacerbation, infection, and onset against the Omicron strain is stronger. Induce.

Therefore, against the Omicron strain, it is expected to have a greater effect in preventing severe disease than conventional vaccines, as well as an effect in preventing infection and disease, although the duration may be short .

Being a bivalent vaccine, it reacts to various novel coronaviruses.

Due to the presence of two different types of antigens, the induced immunity is also thought to respond to a wider variety of new coronaviruses.

Therefore, it is expected that it is more likely to be effective against future mutant strains .

*Based on expert discussions based on scientific knowledge as of August 2022. In the future, it may be updated due to the accumulation of knowledge.

Source: Investigative Committee on Manufacturing Strains of Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Second Report

Safety of Bivalent Vaccine for Omicron Strains

Both Pfizer and Moderna's bivalent vaccines have seen symptoms that are broadly similar to conventional vaccines .

Symptoms that appeared 7 days after vaccination
Expression rate symptoms
Pfizer moderna
over 50 injection site pain Injection site pain, fatigue
10-50% Fatigue, muscle pain, headache, chills, arthrosis Headache, muscle pain, joint pain, lymphadenopathy, chills, nausea/vomiting
1-10% diarrhea, redness, swelling, fever, vomiting Erythema/Redness, Swelling/Induration, Fever

Source: From the report on special approval

About alternating inoculations

In bivalent vaccination against Omicron strains, it is possible to inoculate different vaccines (alternate vaccination) from the first (1st and 2nd), 3rd and 4th vaccinations.

Inoculation cost

We can inoculate for free (public expense burden).

Number of inoculations


Contact information

Bunkyo Ward Public Health Department

New Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (excluding December 29th to January 3rd)

Phone number: 0120-168-185 (toll free)
If you cannot connect to a toll-free number such as an IP phone, please call 03-6747-4593 (charges apply).

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