For those who have been in close contact or suspected of being in close contact

Depending on the spread of infection, the contents of the response may change.

Those who may fall under close contact

Those who have been in contact with the following within 2 days before the positive person develops symptoms (2 days before the test date if the positive person is asymptomatic) are considered close contact.

  • Those who had a dinner with a positive person
  • Those who have talked for more than 15 minutes without a mask within 1m distance

Please refer to the website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health for the handling and definition of close contacts.

For close contacts

Please observe your health and refrain from going out for 5 days from the day after you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
Regardless of occupation, etc., if the antigen qualitative test ( own expense test ) is confirmed negative on the 2nd and 3rd days, the standby will be lifted from the 3rd day.
Please observe the following precautions.

  • Please refrain from going out, going to school, or going to work unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Please take your temperature twice a day and monitor your physical condition carefully.
  • If you feel unwell, please consult your family doctor.

For close contacts

Points to note in daily life

  • During the health observation period, please wear a mask and wash your hands frequently.
  • Please avoid going out unnecessarily. If you have no choice but to go grocery shopping, avoid using public transportation and wear a mask.
  • When throwing away tissues or masks with runny nose, etc., be sure to tie the mouth of the garbage bag tightly and seal it, and wash your hands thoroughly after throwing away the garbage.
  • You can wash your clothes as usual.

Distribution of antigen qualitative test kits to close contacts (Tokyo project)

In order to alleviate the concentration of testing and consultations at medical institutions, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is requesting those who have had close contact with those who wish to be examined by themselves with an antigen qualitative test kit. distributes test kits to
Please apply for the test kit directly from the delivery office.

However, according to the guidance from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, this test does not deny the possibility of infection even if the result is negative, and asks you to continue to wait at home during the waiting period .

If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, etc.

If you have a family doctor

Please contact your family doctor by phone.

If you do not have a family doctor or are not available

We provide information on special dials for medical institution information and fever outpatient clinics. Please check the following page for details.



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