Information on bird flu

What is bird flu?

Avian influenza is an infectious disease caused by type A influenza viruses that are infectious to birds. Human infections are rare, and most confirmed cases to date have been in close contact with infected poultry, their excrement, carcasses, or organs.
About the outbreak situation with bird, please see the following link.

Situation abroad

Human infections with H5N1 have been reported in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa since 2003, H7N9 in China since March 2013, and H5N6 in China since May 2014.

Domestic situation

Currently, no human infections have been confirmed in Japan.
Arakawa City will continue to collect information from the national government and other sources, and strive to provide information to residents.

About countermeasures and prevention

For those traveling to areas with outbreaks such as China

If you are traveling to an outbreak area in China, please pay attention to the future information and try to wash your hands and cough etiquette. Avoid direct contact with birds and avoid contact with sick or dead birds.
In addition, if you have symptoms such as fever upon arrival from the outbreak area in China, please consult the quarantine station.


Even in Japan, please avoid contact with wild birds and avoid direct contact with carcasses.

Please check the following related information (external link) for additional information.

About the consultation desk

If you have returned from an affected area and are worried about bird flu, please contact the Arakawa Ward Public Health Center Health Prevention Division (03-3802-3111, extension 430). If you have a fever or acute respiratory symptoms (cough, sputum, runny nose, etc.) after returning to Japan, please contact a medical institution and seek medical attention.

Information on clinics at night and on holidays

For nighttime and holiday clinics, please contact the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information Service "Himawari" (telephone 03-5272-0303 (24-hour reception)).

Related information

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