About correspondence when symptom such as fever appears in the year-end and New Year holidays

1 Where to consult and see a doctor

Those who have a family doctor

Please call your family doctor for advice.
In some cases, regular examinations and fever patients may be separated, so please be sure to call in advance to confirm.
If a doctor decides that a PCR test, etc. is necessary, the cost of the test will, in principle, be borne by public funds.

Those who do not have a family doctor (those who do not have a medical institution to consult)

At the Fever Consultation Center listed below, nurses and others will consult with you, introduce you to medical institutions, and guide you on treatment methods.

▼ Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Center Phone 03-5320-4592, 03-6258-5780, 03-5320-4551, 03-5320-4411
FAX 03-5388-1396 (For people with hearing or speech disabilities)
Hours 24 hours (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

▼ Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Center Medical Institution Information Dial
Hours 24 hours (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

For information on medical institutions in Tokyo that offer fever outpatient services and telemedicine (telephone and online), please visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website.
Link to external site Opens in a new window. https://www.fukushihoken.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/iryo/kansen/corona_portal/soudan/hatsunetsugairai.html (external site)

During an epidemic, it is difficult to make an appointment for a fever outpatient clinic.
We ask for your cooperation so that those who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill can visit a medical institution.
For more information, please see the flyer from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare below.
For those at high risk of severe illness (elderly people, those with underlying diseases, pregnant women), children under elementary school age (PDF: 387KB)
For those with a low risk of aggravation (PDF:397KB)

Consultation counter for those at risk of aggravation

The city has set up a consultation desk for those who are at risk of becoming seriously ill and develop symptoms such as fever on holidays or at night. A nurse will attend to you and refer you to medical care if necessary. (Open 24 hours during year-end and New Year holidays)
▼Taito Ward Holiday/Nighttime Fever Consultation Center Phone : 050-3173-7834
24 hours (December 29th to January 3rd)
*Except for the year-end and New Year holidays, Monday through Saturday from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the next day, Sundays and holidays from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. the following day. Click here for details

If you have symptoms such as fever and are suspected of having a new coronavirus infection or influenza

We are providing online medical treatment for those who live in Tokyo aged 13 to 64 with symptoms such as fever, and who have already taken a self-test with a new coronavirus test kit. occurs)
▼ Tokyo Temporary Online Fever Medical Center For details Link to external site Opens in a new window. Click here (external site)

2 About inspection

The Tokyo metropolitan government provides free tests for the following people.
Both are for those living in Tokyo (including long-term residents).

(1) Those with symptoms such as fever Link to external site Opens in a new window. https://tokyo-testkit.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/onset/ (external site)
(2) Those who are in close contact and have no symptoms Link to external site Opens in a new window. https://tokyo-testkit.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/closecontacts/ (external site)
(3) Asymptomatic people who are worried about infection There are facilities in Taito City where asymptomatic people can be tested for free.
Link to external site Opens in a new window. https://tokyo-kensasuishin.jp (external site)

* Research results have confirmed that the results of the antigen test kit and the PCR test have a high concordance rate for symptomatic people within 9 days from the second day of onset. For more information on testing, Link to external site Opens in a new window. Please confirm inspection about new coronavirus infectious disease (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) (the outside site) .

3 About test results

Those who tested positive

Those who have tested negative

If you visit a medical institution, please follow the doctor's treatment and instructions.
If you have any concerns about the self-examination, please consult your family doctor or medical institution.
Consultations are also available at the Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Center, the Taito Ward Holiday/Nighttime Fever Consultation Center, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Temporary Online Medical Center.

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New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Room

Phone: 03-3847-9421

Fax: 03-3847-9432

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