New Year's medical practitioner information (December 28th (Wednesday) - January 6th (Friday) medical treatment/holiday information)

Year-end and New Year medical practitioner (medical treatment / closed) information

Medical institutions in the city during the year-end and New Year period (Wednesday, December 28, 2022 to Friday, January 6, 2023)
(Medical and Dental) Information on medical treatment and non-consultation by region is published on each medical association website.
If you have symptoms such as fever (fever, cough/phlegm, abnormal taste/smell, general malaise, headache, etc.),
Be sure to consult a medical institution by phone, and then follow the instructions.
In addition, there may be changes, so please call the medical institution in advance to confirm the consultation hours.
clinical department Practitioner information link
Internal medicine, pediatrics, orthopedics,
Ophthalmology, otolaryngology, etc.
Homepage of Shinjuku Medical Association (New window display)
[Dental] Eastern Ward
(Yotsuya, Tansu-cho, Enoki-cho, Wakamatsu-cho,
Shinjuku/Kabukicho area)
Homepage of Yotsuya Ushigome Dental Association  (New window display)
[Dental] Western Ward
(Okubo, Totsuka, Ochiai, Kashiwagi,
Tsunohazu, Shinjuku and Kabukicho districts)
Homepage of Shinjuku Dental Association  (New window display)

Telephone consultation for those with symptoms such as fever

Symptoms such as fever (symptoms suspected of being new corona, such as fever, cough/sputum, abnormal taste/smell, headache)
If so, please call the center below for consultation and referral to medical institutions.

◆ Tokyo Metropolitan Fever Consultation Center Telephone (5320) 4592, (6258) 5780, (5320) 4551, (5320) 4411 *24 hours reception
◆Shinjuku Ward Fever Consultation Center Telephone (5273) 3836 *Weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00

You can also search for a medical institution by yourself using the "List of Medical Institutions (Fever Outpatient)".
For more information, please see the page "About Medical Institutions" below.

◆ About medical treatment and examination medical institutions

In addition, from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website below, if you develop symptoms such as fever or become a close contact person,
You can apply for the distribution of antigen qualitative test kits yourself (free of charge).

About the distribution of antigen qualitative test kits

Holiday medical care and nighttime medical care in the city

◆ Internal Medicine/Pediatrics/Telephone Information
During the year-end and New Year period, from December 29th (Thursday) to January 3rd (Tuesday), Shinjuku Ward Medical Association Residents Health Center (7-26-4 Shinjuku
03-3208-2223), we provide internal medicine and pediatrics consultation and emergency telephone guidance.

◆ Pediatric night medical care
It is held every night at the Shinjuku Night Children's Clinic [inside the National Center for Global Health and Medicine (1-21-1 Toyama)].

◆ Dental practice
From December 29th (Thursday) to January 3rd (Tuesday), there are two holiday dentists on duty in the city.

*For more information on time, place, on-duty doctor, etc., see Holiday medical care and nighttime medical care in the city page.

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