Subsidies for PCR test expenses at facilities for the elderly and disabled in Meguro Ward (Extended period)

In order to prevent the spread of infection by grasping the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection and taking early measures, facilities for the elderly and persons with disabilities who are considered to be at high risk of becoming severely ill due to the new coronavirus infection (hereinafter referred to as (referred to as “facility”)), subsidize the cost of PCR tests for residents, outpatients, and staff.

Inspection period (extended)

From April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2023

Target facility type

  1. Group home for the elderly with dementia (Note 1)
  2. Cohabitation assistance (group home) (Note 1)
  3. Visiting office (elderly and handicapped) (Note 2)
  4. Short Stay (Elderly/Disabled)
  5. Day care facilities/offices (elderly people/handicapped people)
  6. Urban low-cost nursing home
  7. Residential type pay nursing home

Note 1: Only residents are eligible.
Note 2: Only employees working at the following offices are eligible.

  • Elderly/nursing care services Home-visit care, home-visit bathing care, regular visits/as needed home-visit nursing care, night-time home-visit nursing care, home-visit nursing, home-visit rehabilitation
  • Welfare services for persons with disabilities In-home nursing care, home-visit nursing care for severely disabled persons, accompanying support, behavioral support, comprehensive support for persons with severe disabilities, etc.

Details of subsidy

If (1) residents or outpatients or staff of target facilities undergo (2) PCR tests, the cost of the tests will be subsidized. Subsidy expenses will be paid directly from the city to the inspection company, etc., not to the facility.
(1) Limited to those who have requested cooperation in taking a PCR test after the facility has determined that it is necessary to take it.
(2) Only if received by the method designated by the ward (see below).

Person to be inspected

  1. Those who have decided to enter (commuting) to the target facility, or who have already entered or attended the facility.
  2. Full-time staff, part-time staff, temporary staff, etc. who work at the target facility and who have a direct employment contract with the facility.

(Staff who do not have an employment contract, such as outsourced staff or dispatched staff, are not eligible.)

Inspection method

Self-ingestion with saliva (Samples will be collected using a test kit delivered to the facility, and a test company commissioned by the ward will collect the samples.)

When not subject to inspection

In the following cases, you will not be subject to inspection.

  • If you have received an inspection instruction from a public health center
  • If you have symptoms (please consult a medical institution.)
  • If you have undergone an examination regardless of the examination method specified by this subsidy
  • If you can take a PCR test for the elderly and disabled facilities implemented by the national government, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, etc.
  • If it falls under Article 2, Items 1 to 3 of the Meguro-ku Organized Crime Exclusion Ordinance

Documents to be submitted

After making an inspection reservation by phone, the inspection company will send an OCR form (name list) together with the inspection kit to the facility.
Please submit a copy of the facility copy of this OCR form (name list) by mail to the ward.

Other notes

  1. PCR tests under this subsidy are conducted at facilities when deemed necessary.
  2. When applying for this subsidy, please be sure to check the preparation items and points to note in Q3 of "FY2020 Meguro-ku PCR test cost subsidy Q&A for elderly and disabled facilities".
  3. Please check Q18 as a response if the test result is positive.
  4. As much as possible, with the cooperation of doctors at cooperating medical institutions, please implement measures to prevent the spread of infection within the facility.

See below for details.

Person in charge/inspection application

Nursing care service offices and facilities

Long-Term Care Insurance Division (Responsible for PCR tests for facility residents)
Phone: 03-5722-7043
Nursing Care Insurance Division (in charge of facility staff PCR test)
Phone: 03-5722-7044, Fax: 03-5722-9716

Special nursing home short-term / residential-type fee-based nursing home

Elderly Welfare Division Elderly Welfare Housing and Facilities Section Telephone: 03-5722-9843, Fax: 03-5722-9474

Urban expense nursing home

Elderly Welfare Division Elderly Support Section Phone: 03-5722-9352, Fax: 03-5722-9474

Disabled facility

Person in charge of facilities for persons with disabilities, Promotion Division for Disabilities

Welfare for the Disabled and Visiting Offices

Disability Policy Promotion Section Disability Welfare Benefits Section Telephone: 03-5722-7063, Fax 03-5722-6849

Inquiries when the visiting business office provides both elderly/nursing care services and welfare services for persons with disabilities

If your business mainly provides nursing care services, please contact the Nursing Care Insurance Division (in charge of PCR testing by facility staff).

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