MR (measles and rubella mixed) vaccination

The Immunization Act was revised on April 1, 2006, and measles and rubella vaccinations were changed from the conventional one-dose to two-dose vaccinations. In 2007, a measles epidemic occurred nationwide, mainly among young people in their teens and twenties. Because the frequency decreased, it was thought that the immunity gradually declined and the patient did not have enough antibodies to prevent the onset.

Measles is a serious, sometimes fatal disease that is easily transmitted from person to person, but it is preventable through vaccination. When you receive the notice of MR vaccination, please get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Target person

MR 1st period is from "the day before the 1st birthday" to "the day before the 2nd birthday" (Please take it as soon as possible when you turn 1 year old.)
MR2 period is for one year (April 1st to March 31st) before entering elementary school (so-called older children) (Please take it by the end of June as much as possible.)
The MR vaccine, given at 1 year and 5 to 6 years of age, is highly effective in preventing infection and is therefore recommended to be administered without delay.

Electronic application

If you have lost your health checkup slip or if your child has moved to Meguro Ward and has not been vaccinated, you can apply for issuance of a health checkup slip online here.
Electronic application (Tokyo joint electronic application/notification service)

Where to get vaccinated

For MR vaccination, please use the pre-examination form sent by the city and inoculate at a contracted medical institution in the city. In addition, Meguro Ward Preliminary Examination Cards can also be used at contracted medical institutions in 22 wards other than Meguro Ward. Please confirm in advance that the medical institution where you plan to receive the vaccination is a contracted medical institution in the ward where you live. For a list of medical institutions in Meguro Ward, please see the " Children's Vaccinations " page.

Voluntary inoculation of MR vaccine at public expense

In Meguro Ward, the following voluntary MR vaccinations are available at public expense so that people between the ages of 2 and 19 can receive two doses of vaccinations, including the routine vaccination. If you are eligible, please contact theImmunization Section, Health Prevention Division .

Eligible persons for voluntary vaccination of MR vaccine at public expense

Those who have never contracted measles from 2 years of age or older until the day before their 20th birthday, and have never received a measles vaccination (including MR and MMR vaccinations). Those who do not have measles (excluding those who are eligible for MR2 routine immunization) or those who have never had measles, receive measles vaccination (including MR vaccination and MMR vaccination) 1 Those who have only received once

Vaccine to use

As a general rule, MR (measles-rubella mixed) vaccine is used.

important point

  • This system is only available in Meguro Ward. Publicly funded voluntary vaccinations are available only at contracted medical institutions in Meguro Ward.
  • Voluntary vaccinations do not qualify for compensation based on the Preventive Vaccinations Act if the vaccination causes health damage. You will receive relief based on the Independent Medical Corporation Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency Act, but the amount of relief is lower than the Vaccination Act. If you want to receive voluntary vaccinations at public expense, you will need a "Consent Form" to confirm this.
  • In order to receive vaccinations, you will need to present a Maternal and Child Health Handbook, a medical checkup form with the words "voluntary vaccination/public expense", and a consent form for the above health damage relief. Pre-screening slips and consent forms will be handed over at the counter of theImmunization Section of the Health Prevention Division , so please inquire.

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