We ask for your understanding for those who cannot wear a mask.

Some people can't wear masks

Wearing a mask is recommended to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but there are people who cannot wear a mask due to disability or illness.
If you see someone not wearing a mask, first imagine that there may be something wrong. Knowing that there are people who cannot wear masks, we ask for your understanding of their characteristics and circumstances.

[Reference] Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Understanding for people with developmental disabilities who find it difficult to wear masks (opens in a new window)

For those who cannot wear a mask

For those who cannot wear a mask due to a disability or illness, there is a way to make sure that people around them understand that they cannot wear a mask.
Introducing the declaration of intention card of "Wakega Ariku Project".
Declaration card sample

If you want to use the data, please read the following precautions before downloading from here (with permission from the "Wakega Ariku Project").
“Wake ga Arisa Suku” Intention card download data (PDF format: 822 KB)

Notes on data usage

  • The “Wakega Ariku Project” is for people who have difficulty wearing a mask due to circumstances that they cannot choose for themselves. It is not available to those who are not intended for this project.
  • Individually using the file data of this page as a download tool as open data (for example, making it possible to download directly from an individual's homepage) is prohibited in principle from the viewpoint of protecting various rights attached to the material.
  • Posting or distribution in inappropriate locations is prohibited.
  • You may not use or modify the material for commercial purposes.

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