2020 Meguro Ward Single Parent Family Life Support Benefits

In order to support single-parent families, etc., who are vulnerable to the economic impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Meguro Ward has issued the "FY2022 Child-rearing Household Life Support Special Benefit for Low-Income Child-rearing Households" (hereinafter " Meguro Ward's own benefits will be paid to single-parent families, etc., who have received national benefits.

Eligible person

Those who fall under 1 or 2 below

  1. Those who received national benefits (for single-parent households) from Meguro Ward
  2. Received national benefits (for low-income child-rearing households other than single-parent households) from Meguro Ward, and qualified for one or more of the following systems from Meguro Ward on or after April 1, 2022 Certified single parent
  • child rearing allowance
  • Child upbringing allowance (upbringing allowance)
  • Medical expenses subsidy system for single-parent families

We will send a notice of guidance to those eligible by mail around early November 2022, so please check it.

Application method

No application is required.

Benefit amount

50,000 yen per eligible child for national benefits (one time only)

Scheduled payment date and payment method

  • After Friday, November 18, 2022
  • The bank account specified for the transfer of the Child Rearing Allowance (if the Child Rearing Allowance is not received, the payment will be transferred to the account specified for the transfer of the National Benefit.)

Payment cannot be made if the payment cannot be made due to the cancellation of the account, etc., and the payment cannot be made again by March 31, 2023.

Notification for refusal of receipt

If you do not wish to receive the 2021 Meguro Ward Single-Parent Family Life Support Benefit, you can submit a notification to refuse to receive it.
If you would like to make a notification, please contact the Child Care Support Division Allowance and Medical Care Section by the deadline stated in the notification sent in early November 2022.


  • If it turns out that you do not meet the requirements for the payment target after receiving the Meguro Ward Single-Parent Family Life Support Benefits in FY2022, or if you are a single-parent family in Meguro Ward in FY2022 due to deception or other wrongful means If you have received the living support benefit, we will ask you to return the 2020 Meguro-ku single-parent family living support benefit that you paid.
  • The right to receive the 2021 Meguro Ward Single-Parent Family Life Support Benefits must not be transferred or used as collateral.
  • Meguro City will never ask you to operate ATMs or transfer fees when paying benefits.


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