2021 regular elderly person influenza vaccination

In order to protect the health of the elderly, who are prone to becoming seriously ill from seasonal influenza, and to prevent the medical system from being overwhelmed, the 2022 annual influenza vaccination for the elderly will be free .

[Situation in 2022]

  • Australia in the Southern Hemisphere, which has had no influenza epidemics for the past two years, is currently reporting a rapid increase in the number of influenza patients. Increased traffic could lead to major flu epidemics this season.
  • Regarding the new coronavirus infection, there is concern about the re-expansion of the epidemic due to the invigoration of socioeconomic activities and the emergence of new mutant strains. However, there are concerns about confusion due to the difficulty in distinguishing between the two diseases and an increased burden on medical institutions.

Target audience

Those who are registered as residents of Bunkyo Ward on the date of vaccination, who fall under (1) or (2) below and wish to be vaccinated voluntarily.

(1) Persons whose birthday is before January 1, 1958 and who are 65 years of age or older on the date of vaccination

Pre-examination votes will be sent to eligible people in late September 2022.

(If you are currently 64 years old, you can get vaccinated from the day before your 65th birthday.)

(2) Persons between the ages of 60 and under 65 who have a serious illness in the heart, kidneys, respiratory system, or immune function due to human immunodeficiency virus (Physical Disability Certificate Grade 1) and wish to be vaccinated. how to

Please contact the Preventive Measures Division or the Health Service Center Hongo Branch to issue a preliminary examination slip.

(If you are currently 59 years old, you can get vaccinated from the day before your 60th birthday.)

Implementation period

From October 1, 2020 to January 31, 2023

*Depending on the medical institution, the vaccination start time may differ slightly.

Inoculation cost

Self-pay Free

Inoculation method

Conducted at designated medical institutions in the 23 wards of Tokyo. ( List of designated medical institutions in Bunkyo Ward )

Please contact the medical institution in advance and receive it.

For details, please contact the vaccination counter in each ward or medical institution.

On the day of the vaccination, please answer the questions on the preliminary examination form, excluding the doctor's entry column, and bring it to the medical institution.

Precautions for inoculation

Please note that you will be responsible for the full amount if you are vaccinated outside of the above implementation period or at a designated medical institution, or if you forget to bring the medical checkup form.

Vaccination interval with the new coronavirus vaccine

Due to the revision of national regulations, it is no longer necessary to leave an interval between the new corona vaccine (including the bivalent vaccine for the Omicron strain) and the influenza vaccine.

However, vaccines other than influenza vaccine cannot be vaccinated at the same time as the new corona vaccine. Each can be vaccinated two weeks after receiving the other vaccine.


We perform the furtherance of child influenza in ward. (Eligible people are those who are registered as residents of Bunkyo Ward at the time of vaccination, and are from 6 months old to the third year of junior high school.)

The subsidy system of the ward for seasonal influenza is only for regular elderly influenza and children's influenza.

In addition, it is possible for those who are not eligible for the subsidy to be vaccinated at their own expense. (Vaccination costs vary depending on the medical institution.)

If you would like to be vaccinated, please contact a medical institution.

Contact information

1-16-21 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8555

Bunkyo Civic Center 16th floor north side

Prevention Division Infectious Disease Control Section (Vaccination)

Phone number: 03-5803-1834

Fax: 03-5803-1294

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