[September 26, 2020 ~] Regarding the response to the limited reporting of new coronavirus infections

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has reviewed all notifications for the transition to a new stage of With Corona, and from September 26, 2022, the elderly and those with a high risk of becoming seriously ill are subject to submission of outbreak notifications nationwide. etc.

Even if you are diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection, in principle, you will not submit an outbreak notification unless you are eligible for an outbreak notification, but if you are diagnosed, you will be subject to a request to refrain from going out based on the Infectious Diseases Law. Please refrain from working during the period.

1 Regarding the response of positive people due to the limitation of the notification of the outbreak

The response for those who have been diagnosed as positive by self-examination and medical institutions will be changed as follows.

item Operation so far Operation after review
Submission of an outbreak report by a medical institution all positive

In principle, the target of the notification of outbreak is limited to the following 1 to 4 people

  1. Over 65 years old
  2. Those requiring hospitalization
  3. Those who are at risk of aggravation and need new corona treatment drugs and oxygen administration
  4. Pregnant women
Contact from public health center all positive Only those who are subject to notification of outbreak
Health observation during recuperation Elderly people and those at high risk of severe illness
  • Health observation by follow-up center
  • Health observation by a medical institution that received a diagnosis
  • Health observation by Minato Public Health Center
Those with mild symptoms
  • Self-monitoring of health
  • Health observation by a medical institution that received a diagnosis

Target person of report of outbreak

  • Same operation as "elderly people and people at high risk of becoming seriously ill" so far

Those who are not subject to notification of occurrence

  • Self-monitoring of health
  • Health observation by the follow-up center (requested by the positive person registration center)
Issuance of medical certificate all positive

Only those who are subject to notification of outbreak

Flow of medical treatment 1229

Flow (Minato public health center) of medical treatment of new coronavirus infectious disease (PDF: 540KB)

About the Tokyo Positive Registration Center

The role of the Tokyo Positive Person Registration Center is the following two points.

⑴ Among those who are not subject to notification of outbreaks, doctors will diagnose those who have been found to be positive in self-tests.

(2) Registered as a positive person who visited a fever outpatient clinic and was confirmed to be positive, but who is not subject to the notification of the outbreak.

→ After registering at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Positive Person Registration Center, you will be able to use (1) health observation with My HER-SYS, (2) meal delivery service and pulse oximeter rental, and (3) accommodation and medical treatment.

For details, please check the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website (link to an external site) .

Distribution of antigen qualitative test kits

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is distributing antigen qualitative test kits, which have been approved as in-vitro diagnostics, free of charge to those who have symptoms such as fever and those who are asymptomatic and have been in close contact with the virus.
*The above test kits are intended to be used before visiting a medical institution, and are not intended to be used for early termination of waiting or medical treatment.

For details, please check the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website (link to an external site) .

2. Prioritization of active epidemiological studies

In order to prioritize the investigation of new patients, appropriate treatment adjustments, and health management for those receiving home care, for the time being, we will focus on the following active epidemiological investigations.

(1) Focused research

  • Investigation of positive person himself/herself
  • Survey of cohabiting family members and cohabitants
  • Investigation of facilities, etc. where people at high risk of severe disease are hospitalized ("elderly facilities", "support facilities for persons with disabilities", "medical institutions", etc.)

(2) Surveys that narrow the scope

  • Investigation of non-family members living together (colleagues at work, people who ate together, etc.)
  • Investigation of general offices, etc.
  • Investigation of restaurants, karaoke, sports facilities, etc.

*If there are multiple patients at the same office, we may investigate.

Due to the rapid increase in the number of positive people, the Minato Public Health Center does not, in principle, conduct surveys on companies, etc.

(Details) About the investigation of the new coronavirus infectious disease Minato public health center for companies (PDF: 469KB)

If someone is feeling unwell

If anyone is feeling unwell, please advise them to seek medical attention immediately. Also, if you are a close contact person and tell the medical institution that you are a close contact person and undergo a PCR test, the test fee will be free. (Medical examination fees will be charged.)

Prevent the spread of infection

In cooperation with industrial physicians, etc., we ask employees to manage their health, and if there are several people in the company who are unwell, the spread of infection is expected. Please make a decision regarding the company's business.

3 Responses in the event that a positive person occurs at nursery schools, kindergartens, certified children's centers, elementary schools, special support schools, after-school clubs, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "nursery schools, etc.")

(1) Active epidemiological investigation and identification of close contacts

As a general rule, we do not conduct active epidemiological surveys of nursery schools, etc., but if 5 or more positive cases occur within 3 days in the same class at nursery schools, etc., we will conduct active epidemiological surveys and Identify contacts.

(2) About correspondence when there is contact with positive person in nursery schools

We will not ask you to refrain from going out, including going to work, kindergarten, or school, just because you had contact with a positive person at a nursery school, etc.

In addition, if it is thought that there was contact with a positive person in a nursery school, etc., for a certain period (7 days as a guideline), avoid contact with high-risk people such as the elderly and those with underlying diseases, and wear a mask. Please proactively disseminate information about basic infection control measures such as wearing masks at each facility.

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