April 2020 System revision

About the revision of the education fund system for nurses, etc. in Tokyo (enforced in April 2022)

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Loan for Study Funds for Nurses, etc. was revised (enforced on April 1, 2022), and the loan amount, application qualifications, and facilities eligible for repayment exemption have been expanded.
  • Based on these revisions, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will continue to ensure and improve the quality of nursing staff in Tokyo.

Main revised contents

(1) Monthly loan amount

You can now choose from 4 types of monthly loans (25,000, 50,000, 75,000, 100,000) according to your wishes.

(2) Application qualification

Those who reside in Tokyo, are enrolled in a training facility outside Tokyo, and intend to engage in nursing work in Tokyo in the future can now apply.

(3) Refund exemption

In addition to the designated facilities , we have expanded the facilities that are exempted from repayment to include facilities in Tokyo (hospitals with 200 beds or more), and expanded the amount of exemption from repayment according to the period of employment.

The system became easier to use from April 2022

Ordinances, etc. (enforced in April 2022)

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