Frequently asked questions after medical treatment

Frequently asked questions after medical treatment

1. Regarding the decision to end medical treatment (aftereffects, etc.)

Q1 I have completed the convalescence period, but my sense of taste has not returned and I am still coughing a little. Still, you don't pass the corona to others anymore?

A1: Research so far has shown that most patients with the new coronavirus become non-infectious within 10 days of onset, so it is said that there is no infection from those who have completed the medical treatment period.

However, even after the treatment period is over, various symptoms may still be seen as sequelae. The cause of the aftereffects is not clear, but it is recognized at any age, such as the high rate of onset in people in their 20s and 30s. Treatment is mainly symptomatic treatment, so please consult with the medical institution where you were diagnosed, or contact the Tokyo Metropolitan Government consultation desk.

Q2 My company has told me to take a PCR test when I return to work after completing my medical treatment. What should I do?

A2: PCR tests may detect fragments of dead viruses and test positive even though they are not infectious. Some patients continue to have a positive PCR test for more than 30 days after the onset of symptoms. Therefore, although PCR tests are suitable for diagnosing new coronavirus infections, they are not performed for the purpose of evaluating infectivity. Those who meet the current criteria for ending medical treatment do not need a PCR test to resume work.

About Corona vaccination

Q1 Once infected with Corona, do I need to be vaccinated?

A1: Even if you have been infected with the new coronavirus in the past, you may be infected again (re-infection).

In addition, it has been reported that the level of antibodies in the blood against the new coronavirus is higher after vaccination than with natural infection, and the duration of "natural immunity" is not clear. is recommended to be obtained.

Q2 I've finished my medical treatment, so I'm thinking of getting a corona vaccine. When should I vaccinate?

A2: For those who have been infected with the new coronavirus after the first and second vaccinations, the third vaccination should be given approximately 3 months after the infection (when isolation is lifted) after recovery. Think of it as the time of inoculation.

*This guideline is for the 3rd vaccination with the conventional monovalent vaccine. There is currently no guideline for booster vaccination with the Omicron strain bivalent vaccine, and the vaccine can be administered regardless of the period since infection. Please consult with your inoculation doctor or your doctor.

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