Those who wish to receive a notice of medical treatment

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Documents to be submitted to the insurance company

About the electronic application system

Those who apply for medical treatment notification to Ota City

Precautions for application

・We will not issue a medical treatment notification to those who have been diagnosed after September 26th and are not eligible to report the outbreak. Please check the following for those who are eligible to report the incident.

・In addition, it cannot be issued to those who have been in close contact.
・From September 7, 2020, the standard for canceling medical treatment set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has been changed to 7 days in case of symptoms.
・We do not give priority to individual circumstances.

Application method

Applications for medical care notifications are accepted online.
Please apply using the application form below.
Medical treatment notifications can only be issued to those who have been notified of the outbreak by a medical institution to the public health center .
When applying, please refer to the above "Notes on application" Please check carefully.

Form of medical treatment notification

The form below is not an application form. This is an example of a “medical treatment notification” issued by a public health center.


Currently, it takes up to two weeks to issue this certificate. note that.
(As of December 22, 2022) Shipping has been completed up to December 18, 2022. If you have applied by December 11th and have not received it, please contact the person in charge.
For inquiries about the issuance of a medical treatment notification, please contact the Infectious Disease Control Division, Infectious Disease Control Section at 03-5744-1263 (8:30-17:00 on weekdays).

How to display the medical treatment certificate in "My HER-SYS"

If you are in a hurry, please use this.
You can display the certificate of medical treatment by the system "My HER-SYS" of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. (Note 1)
(Note 1) Persons who are not eligible for reporting an outbreak (those under the age of 65 with a low risk of severe illness) cannot display the medical treatment certificate screen using "My HER-SYS".

Those who have not registered in "My HER-SYS"
If you receive an SMS from a medical institution, the Ota Ward Public Health Center, or the Positive Person Registration Center, please refer to the following and register.

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