Appointment for corona vaccination

Availability of reservation slots

Individual vaccination venue

As of January 5, the medical institutions listed below under "Individual Vaccination Venue Reservations Accepted" are accepting reservations. (ends as soon as it expires)
(explanatory note) You can look at homepage when you click medical office (clinic) name of blue letter.

Group vaccination venue

The published contents are as of January 6, 2023.
The following is the availability of reservation slots for January 2023 vaccination at the group vaccination venue.
If the reservation time has passed, it may be treated as a cancellation. Please note.

summary version

Availability of January reservation slots (summary version)
Place of inoculation Availability of reservation slots vaccination
First time Second time 3rd to 5th time
Sun Life Nerima - - Pfizer (for Omicron stock)
Shakujii Park Community Center - Pfizer
- - Pfizer (for Omicron stock)
Tokio Marine & Nichido Shakujii Sports Center - - Pfizer (for Omicron stock)
Labor Welfare Hall - - Pfizer (for Omicron stock)
Hayamiya District Civic Center - - Pfizer (for Omicron stock)
Nishi-Oizumi District Civic Center - - Pfizer (for Omicron stock)
Tagara district community hall - - Pfizer (for Omicron stock)
Oizumi Gakuen District Public Hall - - Pfizer (for Omicron stock)
Kitamachi District Civic Center - - Pfizer (for Omicron stock)
Minami-Oizumi area meeting place - - Pfizer (for Omicron stock)

(Note) Regarding the number of remaining vacancies, 〇: 10 or more △: 9 or less ×: None

Detailed version

Reservation method

  • A vaccination ticket is required for reservation.
  • Reservation slots are not transferable. If there is an offer, it will not be accepted and will be treated as a cancellation.

Individual inoculations at clinics, etc.

Please refer to the "Individual Vaccination Venue List [clinics, etc.]" enclosed with the vaccination ticket or the page below, and make a reservation directly to the clinic of your choice.
List of new coronavirus vaccination venues

Group vaccinations at hospitals and public facilities

Reservation siteLink to external site: Opens in a new window.

(explanatory note) We can confirm reservation and reservation.

(Explanatory note) The reservation-only site cannot be used with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Please use the dedicated reservation site with the following recommended browsers.
[Recommended browser] Edge latest version, Google Chrome latest version, Safari latest version

Reservation procedure on the Internet (PDF: 1,072KB) File download link Opens in a new window.

Reservation system maintenance information for the new corona vaccine mass vaccination venue

Telephone reservation

[Nerima Ward New Coronavirus Vaccine Reservation System Support Desk]
Phone number: 0120-427-409

Reception hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (all day)

We are making a lot of mistakes when making calls. Please check the phone number again before calling.

Reservation system support desk

For system support such as changing the login password for the reservation system, or if you cannot make a reservation without an internet connection, please contact the reservation system support desk.

[Nerima Ward New Coronavirus Vaccine Reservation System Support Desk]
Phone number: 0120-427-409
Reception hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (all day)

Precautions for belongings, vaccinations, etc.

What to bring, flow of the day, etc.


  1. inoculation ticket
  2. Pre-examination form (please fill in in advance)
  3. Identity verification documents (driver's license, health insurance card, etc.)

Flow of the day

  • After the reception and before the vaccination, a medical interview will be conducted by the doctor.
  • After inoculation, follow up at the venue for about 15 minutes, and if there are no adverse reactions, it is finished.

(Note) In the unlikely event that allergic symptoms occur, necessary measures will be taken.

Precautions for inoculation

Vaccination is a reservation system, but it is expected that many people will gather. Please pay attention to the following points so that you can be vaccinated efficiently in a short time.

  • If you have a family doctor, let's consult about inoculations (please prepare in advance)
  • If you are not feeling well, refrain from getting vaccinated
  • Wear clothes that allow you to show your shoulders so that you can get vaccinated smoothly
  • Hit the arm opposite to your dominant arm (you may feel pain after vaccination)

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Nerima Ward New Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center Phone: 0120-427-417 Fax: 03-3993-6553

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