3 tips to prevent frailty during the corona crisis

Due to the prevention of the new coronavirus infection, it is difficult to go out and it is difficult to go out with friends. As a result, they are prone to lack of exercise, are malnourished due to decreased appetite, and find it difficult to talk to people.
If such a life continues, the vitality of the mind and body will weaken, and there is a risk of becoming "frail", a condition that makes it easier to fall into a state of functional impairment and need for nursing care.
So, even during the coronavirus pandemic, here are three tips to stay healthy and live with vitality.

If you feel your legs are getting weaker recently...

3 tips to prevent frailty

If you're worried about your physical strength declining, why don't you join a class on nursing care prevention and frailty prevention?

Nerima Ward holds exercise classes and nutrition classes for nursing care prevention and frailty prevention.
If you are interested, please contact the person in charge below.


Elderly Policy Department Aging Society Policy Division Nursing Care Prevention Section Organization Details
Phone: 03-5984-2094 (direct) Fax: 03-5984-1214
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