Please prepare for the 8th wave of Corona!

This winter, the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the simultaneous epidemic of influenza are predicted.
As the infection spreads, medical institutions are overwhelmed and even those with symptoms suspected of being infected cannot visit the fever outpatient clinic. Please prepare.

Message from the Mayor of Ota Ward

We will send a video message from the mayor of Ota to the residents to prepare for the 8th wave.

This video will also be shown at the T League venue held at Nihon Kogakuin Katayanagi Arena on November 26th (Saturday) and 27th (Sunday).

Ota Ward Channel "Preparing for the 8th Wave from the Mayor of Ota Ward"

8-3 bee Please prepare the set!

Stockpile 3-piece set for the 8th wave / influenza ( 8-3 bee set) from now on when the infection has subsided.

  1. new corona test kit
  2. Over-the-counter antipyretic analgesics
  3. food

1. COVID-19 test kit

Please prepare an antigen test kit for COVID-19 that has been approved as a drug (labeled as "in-vitro diagnostic drug" or "class 1 drug").

If you use the test kit and it is positive, please visit a fever outpatient clinic (medical and testing medical institution) if you are eligible for an outbreak notification.

Those who are subject to notification of occurrence

Persons aged 65 and over, pregnant women, those who require hospitalization, and those who are at risk of becoming severe and need new corona treatment drugs or oxygen administration are eligible for the notification of outbreak. judgment will be made).
Those aged 65 and over, those with underlying diseases, etc.

Those who are not subject to notification of occurrence

▶ Those under the age of 65 who have a low risk of aggravation (those with mild symptoms, etc.)

2. Over-the-counter antipyretic analgesics

Please prepare over-the-counter antipyretic analgesics, etc. in case you are recuperating at home.
Please use after confirming the usage and dosage. If you have any concerns, please consult a pharmacist at the time of purchase.
If you are taking any medicine, please prepare enough medicine for one week so that you will not run out of medicine during your home treatment.
If you are likely to run out of medicine while you are recuperating at home, please consult your family doctor over the phone and receive a prescription for medicine.

3. Food

It is safe to stockpile food and daily necessities for one week as a guide.
The necessary food and daily necessities will change depending on the family composition, so please consult with your family, make a list of necessary items, and prepare.

Other measures

new corona vaccination

Please get the new corona vaccine early.
Vaccination for new coronavirus infection

influenza vaccination

Seasonal influenza vaccines are free for those aged 65 and over who are subject to regular vaccination, and children aged 6 months to 15 years old can be vaccinated with a subsidy of 1,000 yen per dose.
FY2020 Elderly Influenza Vaccination
Partial subsidies for children's influenza vaccination costs [Voluntary vaccination]


Infectious Disease Control Division

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Fax: 03-5744-1524
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