Community bus ticket issuance

business purpose

We will support child-rearing by making it easier for expectant and nursing mothers to go to the hospital and move in their daily lives.

Grant target person

Pregnant women as defined in the Maternal and Child Health Law

Application method

Please present your Maternal and Child Health Handbook to have it issued.

valid period

From the day the Maternal and Child Health Handbook is issued to the end of the previous month one year after the date of birth

However, in the case of multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.), until the end of the previous month after 3 years from the date of birth.

Issued number

1 per pregnant woman

However, if you give birth to multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.), additional certificates will be issued after the birth to equal the number of children.

Example: In the case of twins, one coupon is issued when the mother becomes pregnant, and an additional coupon is issued after childbirth.

How to Use

Please present the Minato Ward Community Bus Ticket when boarding the Community Bus or Daiba Shuttle Bus.
* One person with a name will be free for each ride .

Apply to

Public Health and Welfare Section of Residents Division of each general branch office

Inquiries about community bus ticket issuance

Shiba District General Branch Office Residents Section Health and Welfare Section 03-3578-3111 (representative)

Health and Welfare Section, Citizens Division, Azabu Regional City Office 03-3583-4151 (representative)

Health and Welfare Section, Residents Section, Akasaka District General Branch Office 03-5413-7011 (representative)

Health and Welfare Section, Citizens Section, Takanawa Regional City Office 03-5421-7611 (representative)

Shibaura Konan District General Branch Residents Section Health and Welfare Section 03-3456-4151 (representative)

Inquiries about bus service

・Minato Ward Community Bus (Chii Bus)

Chii Bus Customer Service (Fuji Express Co., Ltd.) 03-3455-2213

・Daiba Shuttle Bus (Odaiba Rainbow Bus)

km Mobility Service Co., Ltd. 03-6423-2805

Frequently Asked Questions

Especially frequently asked questions

Please use "Frequently Asked Questions".

FAQ entrance


Affiliation: Children and Families Support Department Children and Families Section Child Benefits Section

Phone number: 03-3578-2111 (extension: 2430)

Fax number: 03-3578-2384

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