Kids Room (temporary childcare business)

Kids Room is a temporary childcare business that provides support so that children can be raised with peace of mind in the community by taking care of children temporarily. Together with "Kids Room Mejirodai", "Kids Room Civic" and "Kids Room Kagomachi", we operate three facilities.

Please refer to the following pages for an overview of each kids room and how to use them.


[Regarding the use of the kids room when returning from abroad]

If your child or family members who live with you have returned to Japan from abroad, a PCR test or antigen test (nationally approved "in-vitro diagnostic drug" or "class 1 drug" within 72 hours before departure or upon arrival in Japan ) ), you can register and use it at the usual timing without setting a waiting day.

If you cannot confirm the above , please refrain from using it for 7 days after returning to Japan, and you will be able to register and use it from the 8th day onwards .

[About using the kids room due to corona closure]

〇 If you have not yet registered You must register in advance to use the Kids Room. A simple interview will be held at the time of registration, so please make an appointment for the registration interview by calling the Kids Room of your choice and come to the Kids Room with your child.
*You can use it 5 days after registration (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays) .

〇 Those who have already registered Reservations are required to use the Kids Room. Please call the Kids Room to check availability and submit an application form using one of the methods.
*Applications must be made by 5:00 p.m. from one month to two days before the date of use (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays) .

〇 Regarding refusal of use Please note that we may refuse registration interviews and use depending on the following cases and circumstances.
<Normal time>
(1) If you are sick on the day (fever of 37.5°C or higher, diarrhea, infectious disease, etc.)

(2) Children who were vaccinated on the day

(3) The period from the time of contracting an infectious disease until the doctor says that group living is possible

(4) If someone in your family has an infectious disease

<During infection prevention measures for new coronavirus infections>

(1) When a child using the service or a family member living together falls under the positive/stay-at-home period

*Even if your child is confirmed to be negative in tests, etc., you cannot use the service in the above cases.

*Depending on the situation, the operation contents may be changed suddenly , such as temporary closure of the room . Please check the Bunkyo City website.

[About measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases in kids rooms]

〇Regarding the physical condition of your child

If you have a fever (approximately 37.5°C or higher), if you are using an antipyretic within 24 hours, if your fever has subsided (returned to normal) within 24 hours, your respiratory symptoms (coughing symptoms) have improved. If you don't have it, we can't keep it for you.

In addition, at the time of acceptance, in addition to checking the physical condition of the child, we also check the physical condition and travel history of the family members living together using a checklist, so we ask for your cooperation.

Please note that depending on the situation, we may refuse to use it on the day.

〇 About picking up and dropping off children

We accept and deliver children one by one. If it overlaps, you will be asked to wait, so please cooperate. In addition, in order to prevent contact with multiple people, please wear a mask when picking up and dropping off alone.

〇 About nursery room

We will increase the frequency of indoor cleaning and disinfection of toys, etc. Air purifiers and fans are operated, and indoor ventilation is performed at any time. During childcare, we will arrange play corners and provide play so that the situation does not become crowded.

〇 About nursery teachers

Before engaging in childcare, temperature will be measured, hands will be disinfected and a mask will be worn.

  • Pre-registration is required for each facility to use the kids room. Registration will be done through an interview, so please contact each facility and make an appointment for registration.
  • We have created a Q&A about the registration procedure required when using the Kids Room.

 Frequently asked questions when registering (PDF file; 87KB)

Contact information

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