health consultation

Contents of health consultation
place Health Service Center (Civic Center 3F)
subject Residents in the city who have completed compulsory education or above

1 Counseling about health such as health

2 Examination accompanying health consultation

X-ray photography, blood test, electrocardiogram, urine test, bone density measurement, etc.

*If you wish to have your blood sugar level measured, please skip breakfast.

General medical examination items are available.

3 Explanation of results and health guidance, etc., based on the test results in 2 above


・Paid (Varies depending on content. Please check the unit price table below.)
[Medical certificate fee separately 1,500 yen]

・Free (interview, examination, blood pressure, body measurement, chest circumference, abdominal circumference, eyesight, grip strength, etc.)

Belongings ID that can confirm address and age
Inspection reception date and time 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 9:00 am to 9:30 am [Reservations are not required, so please come directly during the reception hours. ]
Explanation of results

Next inspection day from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

[In the case of bone density measurement only, the results will be explained on the same day]

*If you cannot come to the office in person, you will need to submit a "Letter of Attorney" (PDF file; 88KB) separately. If you are bringing a power of attorney, please also bring your own identification card.

Issuing a medical certificate

If you wish, we will give it to you at the time of the explanation of the results.

When issuing a medical certificate, the person himself/herself must come to the office.

Please note that the medical certificate issued at the health consultation cannot be used for various license applications.

*Schedules may change due to holidays, etc., so please refer to the list of health consultation dates below.

Health consultation date


in May

11th and 25th

June 8th and 22nd
July 13th and 27th
August 10th and 24th
September 14th and 28th
October 12th and 26th
November 9th and 30th

14th and 28th

Note: Please note that simple culture tests will not be available on December 28th.

January 2020

11th and 25th

Note: Bone densitometry will not be available on January 25th.

February 8th and 22nd
March 8th and 22nd

Health consultation unit price table (examination fee)

Health consultation price table
X-ray diagnosis
CR (digital)

1,680 yen


Qualitative semi-quantitative

(protein, sugar, occult blood, urobilinogen)

200 yen


210 yen

physiological examination

1,040 yen

simple hearing

880 yen

biochemical test
alkaline phosphatase (ALP)

80 yen


130 yen


130 yen


80 yen

Uric acid (UA)

80 yen

Urea nitrogen (BUN)

80 yen

Creatinine (CRE)

80 yen

* Total cholesterol (TC)

130 yen

* LDL cholesterol

140 yen

*HDL cholesterol

130 yen

Triglyceride (TG)

80 yen

blood sugar

80 yen


80 yen

Biochemical test multiple items (if cheaper than total unit price)
7 items (Note 1)

740 yen

8 to 9 items (Note 1)

790 yen

10 items (Note 1) or all items

840 yen


General peripheral blood test

(white blood cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin, platelets)

160 yen

hemoglobin A1C

390 yen

immunological test
Blood type (ABO type, Rh)

380 yen

HBs antigen (hepatitis B)


HCV antibody (hepatitis C)


rubella antibody

630 yen

STS qualitative (syphilis)

120 yen

TPHA qualitative (syphilis)

250 yen

Insect eggs (egg collection) (Note 2)

120 yen

Eggs (smear) (Note 2)

160 yen

Simple culture (Note 2)

480 yen

Bone densitometry

640 yen

(Note 1) Applies when 4 items out of TC, GOT, GPT, HDL-C, and LDL-C are included.

(Note 2) We will give you a container in advance, so please come to the Health Service Center (8th floor north side office). Please note that simple culture tests will not be available on December 28th.

In addition, we will issue a health certificate or certificate (Japanese only) to those who request it.
A medical certificate (fee) costs 1,500 yen per copy, and a certificate (fee) costs 300 yen per copy.

* What is a medical certificate?・・・It is a medical certificate issued by a doctor based on the doctor's diagnostic findings and signed by the doctor.

*Certificate: A certificate issued by the director of the Health Service Center based on test results, not a doctor's diagnostic findings. The content of the certification is mainly a simple culture test.

Contact information

health service center

1-16-21 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8555

Bunkyo Civic Center 3rd floor (medical examination floor), 8th floor north side (office)

Phone number: 03-5803-1805

Fax: 03-5803-1371

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