Arakawa Ward Fever Outpatient Medical Examination Support Subsidy

In the ward, with the aim of enhancing the medical system that allows patients to visit nearby medical institutions with peace of mind and receive examinations, medical examinations of fever patients, etc., and examinations of new coronavirus infectious diseases for fever patients will be conducted at the discretion of the doctor. We will provide subsidies to medical institutions that actively conduct (PCR test or antigen test).

Fever outpatient medical examination support subsidy flyer (PDF: 42KB)

Medical institutions eligible for payment

  • (1) Medical institutions designated as medical institutions for medical examinations and examinations by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • (2) A medical institution with a system to accept patients with fever, etc., by establishing a dedicated examination room (temporally or spatially separated) for patients with fever, etc.
  • (3) A medical institution that treats outpatients with fever and tests for new coronavirus infections (PCR test or antigen test)
  • (4) Medical institutions that provide medical care even if they are not regular patients of their own hospital

* Note: All of the above must be met.

* Note: This includes dealing with influenza during the influenza epidemic season.

Supplementary content

New coronavirus infectious disease test 3,000 yen per person will be subsidized.

However, the above amount is the maximum amount, and we will subsidize the smaller amount compared to the expenses eligible for payment.

*Note: When an outpatient with a fever is suspected of having an infectious disease and the medical institution conducts a new coronavirus infectious disease test, a subsidy will be provided.

Documents required for application

  1. Arakawa Ward Fever Outpatient Examination Support Subsidy Application and Billing Form (Separate Form No. 1) (*Note 1) (Word: 21KB)
    *Annotation 1 entry example (PDF: 11KB)
  2. Attached document
    • Test results table (documents that show that the new coronavirus infection was suspected in fever patients, etc., and the test was performed)
      *Annotation 1. You can also use the format prepared by Ward (Excel : 12KB) *Annotation 2 example (PDF: 152KB)
    • Eligible Expenses (Materials for Expenses Eligible for Subsidies)
      *Note: You can use the format (word: 12KB) prepared by the 1st Ward .
      *Annotation 2 creation example (PDF: 7KB)
    • Copy of passbook for account information confirmation (only for the first application)
      * Note: If the financial institution does not have a passbook, a copy of the cash card
    • Other documents deemed necessary by the head of the ward (only if requested by the ward)

Submission method

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, please apply by mail as much as possible.

For details, please refer to the website or by mail as much as possible .

(Address) 2-11-1 Arakawa, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-8502 Arakawa-ku Public Health Center Environmental Hygiene Section Management Section (Fever Outpatient Examination Support Subsidy Section)

Payment period

Applications received from the 1st to the 8th of the following month will be paid by the end of the following month. In addition, in the case of application by mail, the reception date will be the arrival date of the documents.

Tax treatment

When a corporation manages a medical institution

Subsidies received from the city are subject to corporate tax as miscellaneous income.

When an individual manages a medical institution

Subsidies received from the city are subject to income tax as business income.

*Note: If you have any questions regarding taxation, please contact the Arakawa Tax Office (03-3893-0151).


If you have any questions, please refer to it.

Arakawa Ward Fever Outpatient Medical Examination Support Subsidy Project Q&A (PDF: 113KB)

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Arakawa Ward Fever Outpatient Examination Support Subsidy Guidelines (PDF: 23KB)

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