About sequelae

After treatment and recuperation for COVID-19 are completed, various symptoms such as difficulty in breathing and abnormalities in taste and smell may be observed. Multiple symptoms may appear at the same time.

Main symptoms of sequelae

According to the "New Coronavirus Infection Aftereffects Leaflet" issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, the following symptoms are introduced.

strong malaise

There are various cases, from mild symptoms such as physical and mental "sluggishness", "tiredness", and "easily get tired" to strong symptoms such as "my body feels heavy like lead". Cases of transition to encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome have also been reported.

taste/olfactory disorders

There have been reports of cases of gustatory and olfactory disorders that continue to occur even after COVID-19 treatment, such as "I don't know the taste," "I don't know the smell," and "I feel a different smell than the original."

cough and phlegm

Cases such as persistent coughing have been reported.

difficulty breathing

Respiratory symptoms such as dyspnea persist, and there have been reports of cases in which breathing difficulty interferes with daily life.


In addition to general fever, cases of "slight fever" continuing for a long period of time have been reported.

hair loss

It has been reported that symptoms appeared during infection and did not improve even after treatment.

For more information on the survey results, please visit the website of the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

About Covid-19 Aftereffects Consultation Desk

The Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital Management Headquarters and the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Interest Incorporated Foundation have set up "Covid-19 aftereffects consultation desks" at the patient support centers of metropolitan hospitals and public hospitals.
Nurses, etc. at the Patient Support Center will provide consultation over the phone regarding symptoms, etc., and provide support, such as referral to a medical institution depending on the symptoms. Consultation is free. It is for those who have some symptoms even after 1 to 2 months have passed since they were diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection (positive by PCR test, etc.).
If you visit a medical institution, treatment will basically be symptomatic treatment according to your symptoms, and you will be charged a prescribed medical fee for the consultation.
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