Beware of heat shock

Measures against heat shock for the elderly

Heat shock is caused by sudden temperature changes, such as moving from a warm room to a cold room.

It occurs when blood pressure fluctuates up and down.

During the cold season from November to April, many people faint while bathing and drown in the bathtub.

It is said that about 90% of accidents occurring while bathing are elderly people .

Take precautions to prevent accidents!

Points to prevent heat shock (checklist)

①Avoid bathing in the following situations:

・Immediately after eating

・After drinking

・After taking medicine

② Let's keep the dressing room and bathroom warm

・Please turn on the heating in the dressing room.

・Let's open the lid of the bathtub.

③ Talk to your family before bathing

・For early detection, family members should visit frequently to see how things are going.

④ Let's pour hot water

・Let's get used to your body by pouring hot water on your feet → stomach → chest.

⑤ Let's know the approximate temperature and time

・Temperature below 41°C

・Up to 10 minutes in the hot water

⑥ Get out of the bathtub slowly

・To prevent lightheadedness, take your time when getting out of the bathtub.

・Because the floor is wet, please hold on to the handrail when standing up.

⑦ Don't forget to hydrate before and after bathing

・During bathing, the water in the body is lost by sweating.

・Replenish water and salt.

Heat shock countermeasure leaflet

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