Payment of National Health Insurance premiums

Account transfer

If you have not yet completed the bank transfer procedure, please do so. (Those who have paid their insurance premiums by deduction from their pension do not need to complete this procedure.)

According to Article 13-2 of Nakano Ward National Health Insurance Ordinance Enforcement Regulations (opens in a new window) , payment of national health insurance premiums must be made by bank transfer in principle.

For information on how to pay with a payment slip, see Payment with a payment slip. Payment by payment slip

Account transfer procedures are easy with a smartphone. AIRPOST


With AIRPOST, you can easily apply for bank transfer from your home using your smartphone. There is no need to fill out an application form or sign a seal.

To use AIRPOST, you need the +Message app.
Please see below for explanations about + messages and downloading the app. (Rakuten mobile line cannot be used)

Financial institutions that accept account transfer procedures with AIRPOST (in no particular order)

MUFG Bank, Shizuoka Bank, North Pacific Bank, Musashino Bank, Juroku Bank

What you need for bank transfer procedures at AIRPOST

Smartphone, identity verification documents (driver's license, My Number card, residence card), account information (cash card of the target financial institution, etc.)

Account transfer procedure at AIRPOST

Account transfer procedure at AIRPOST

Easy procedure with just a cash card and PIN (only available at financial institutions)

In the case of the accounts of the financial institutions listed below, the account holder can easily complete the account transfer procedure by having the account holder bring the cash card of the transfer account and enter the PIN. No registration mark or passbook is required.

Some cash cards, such as those with biometric authentication, cannot be used.

Financial institutions that accept bank card procedures (in no particular order)

Mizuho Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Resona Bank, Saikyo Shinkin Bank, Seibu Shinkin Bank, Japan Post Bank

Please follow the procedure at the following ward office or regional office window. (The procedure cannot be done at the counter of a financial institution.)

Place for procedure

  1. Nakano Ward Office Health and Medical Care Division Ward Office 2F Counter 5 4-8-1 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
  2. Minami- Nakano Regional Office 5-11-26 Yayoi-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
  3. Eastern Regional Office 2-18-21 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
  4. Ekota Regional Office 2-3-15 Ebaramachi , Nakano-ku, Tokyo
  5. Nogata Regional Office 5-3-1 Nogata, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
  6. Saginomiya Regional Office 3-22-5 Saginomiya, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

Reception hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding public holidays and year-end and New Year holidays)

What you need for the procedure

  • Cash card of the target financial institution (of the ordinary deposit account used for account transfer)
  • Insurance card, payment notice of insurance premiums, etc. that shows the insurance card number

Procedure using the account transfer request form

Please see below for the financial institutions that can be used for direct debit. (If you print it, it will be A3 size.)
Financial institutions that can be used for direct debit (PDF)
Financial institutions that can be used for direct debit (Excel)

Payment by methods other than bank transfer

How to calculate National Health Insurance premiums

For information on how insurance premiums are determined, please see How to Calculate National Health Insurance Premiums . How to calculate National Health Insurance premiums


When does account transfer start?

If you apply with a cash card or bank transfer request form by around the 25th of the month in which the bank transfer will start, we will send you a notice of the start of the bank transfer (to the head of the household).
If you apply by AIRPOST, we will send you a notice of the start of account transfer in the + message that you applied.

Guideline for starting account transfer

  • In the case of procedures using a cash card, account transfer will start from the month following the month of application.
  • In the case of procedure by bank transfer request form Bank transfer will start from the second month after the application month
  • In the case of procedures by AIRPOST, account transfer will start from the month following the month of application.

When is the account transfer date (withdrawal date)?

  • Last day of every month. If the last day falls on a holiday of the financial institution, it will be the next business day.
  • As a general rule, there is no account transfer in April and May.
    For those who newly enrolled in Nakano Ward's National Health Insurance from March to April, the insurance premium may be withdrawn in April and May.

What should I do if the transfer fails?

If the account balance is insufficient and the transfer cannot be made, the transfer will be made again on the next transfer date. If the transfer is not possible for a period of time, the account transfer registration may be canceled.

How can I change the transfer account?

Please repeat the above procedure using a smartphone, using a cash card, or using a bank transfer request form.

Can I know the amount of the account transfer?

This is the amount in the "Amount to be paid" column of the insurance premium payment notification. (This is the sum of all members of the household enrolled in National Health Insurance.)

Is it possible to know the annual transferred amount?

At the end of December every year, we will inform you of the amount of insurance premiums transferred from January to December of that year by means of a notification of the amount of National Health Insurance premiums transferred by bank transfer.

Will a receipt be issued?

Receipts will not be issued for insurance premiums that have been transferred to your bank account, so please check your passbook for monthly transfer results.

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