Voluntary vaccination cost subsidy for reasons such as bone marrow transplant surgery

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation such as bone marrow transplantation, peripheral blood stem cell transplantation, and umbilical cord blood transplantation, or routine prevention that has been vaccinated due to special circumstances such as chemotherapy such as anticancer drug treatment, etc. For those who have been judged by a doctor that the effect of vaccination cannot be expected, we will subsidize the cost of being vaccinated again.
To receive the subsidy, an application is required before re-inoculation.

Target person

・Citizens under the age of 20 who are recognized by a doctor as requiring revaccination and can receive revaccination in Japan ・Those who can receive revaccination after April 2022

Upper age limit for application and routine immunization

  1. Under 4: BCG
  2. Under 6 years: Pediatric Pneumococcus
  3. Under 10: Hibs
  4. Under 15 years old: Four types mixed (DPT-IPV)
  5. Under 20: Hepatitis B, DPT, inactivated polio (IPV), measles-rubella mixed (MR) stages 1 and 2, chickenpox, Japanese encephalitis, DT stage 2, cervical cancer cancer prevention (HPV)

However, some vaccines, such as rotavirus, mumps, and seasonal influenza vaccines, are not covered by the revaccination cost subsidy.

Subsidy amount

Partial or full amount (The upper limit of the subsidy varies depending on the vaccination, so please contact the Health Prevention Section Vaccination Section for details.)

Application method and grant flow

(1) Advance application (procedures before vaccination)

In order to use the subsidy system, it is necessary to apply for certification before receiving vaccinations.
Please submit the " certification application documents " and " attached documents " in advance by mail to the Health Prevention Section Vaccination Section or at the counter.

"Certification application documents"

"Attached document"

Documents that can confirm the history of vaccinations before bone marrow transplantation (copies of maternal and child health handbooks and preliminary vaccination slips)

(2) Determination of grant recipients

When we confirm authorization application documents and decide that we are targeted for the furtherance, we send authorization letter of advice from person in charge of health prevention section vaccination.

(3) Revaccination

Please receive a revaccination at the medical institution where you applied. Please pay the full amount at your own expense.

(4) How to apply for subsidies for revaccination costs

Within one year after re-vaccination , please submit the following " subsidy application documents " and " attached documents " to the Health Prevention Division Vaccination Section by mail or at the counter.
Please apply as soon as possible after vaccination.

“Subsidy application documents”

"Attached document"

  • Original receipts from medical institutions and original medical bills (which shows the amount of money for each vaccine)
  • Copy of Maternal and Child Health Handbook or Vaccination Preliminary Examination Sheet with record of revaccination
  • A copy of the bankbook to which you wish to make the transfer (the bank name, branch name, account number, and name of the account holder)

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