Public bath opening (lively bathing, lively business)

lively bathing

Public baths will be opened to maintain and improve the health of those aged 65 and over. It is a registration system.

Regular open bathing day

It will be held at 20 public baths in the city. The implementation date is the day of the week at each of the 2nd and 4th bathhouses.
Please see the separate table for the dates (open days) of each bath. Opening hours are within the business hours of each bathhouse.

Special open bathing day

Tanabata-yu (Thursday, July 7), Keiro-yu (Monday, September 19), and Hinamatsuri-yu (Friday, March 3).
The implementation date may vary depending on the bathhouse, so please contact each bathhouse.
Opening hours are within the business hours of each bathhouse.

Usage fee

100 yen once (please pay at each bathhouse)

Registration method

  • Please register directly at the bathhouse you wish to use. At each bathhouse, it is accepted at any time during business hours.
  • You can freely choose which bathhouse you can register, but you can only register one bathhouse. Only registered baths are available. Also, if you wish to change the registered bathhouse, please complete the new registration procedure at the new bathhouse you wish to use and return the registration certificate of the bathhouse before the change.
  • When registering, please bring something that can confirm your address, name, and date of birth (health insurance card, long-term care insurance card, etc.). We will give you a "registration certificate" at the bathhouse window.
  • Please present your "registration card" at the bathhouse counter when using the bath.

lively business

  • For those who have registered for Iki-Iki Bathing, about an hour before regular opening, light exercises, elderly aerobics, chair/towel exercises, etc. will be held in the dressing room for the purpose of preventing nursing care. Business contents vary according to each bathhouse.
  • The lively business can also be used outside of the registered bathhouses.
  • It is free of charge. (In some cases, a separate teaching material fee may be required.)
  • Implementation date and implementation content may change. (Please inquire at each bathhouse.)

[Note] "5 Chiyo-no-Yu (Chuo 3-chome 16-12)" has closed, so the "Vitalizing Bathing/Rejuvenating Business" is not being carried out at Chiyo-no-Yu.

Click on the public bath name to display a convenient map of Nakano.

Public bath name address telephone number Implementation date (Regular opening day) 2nd and 4th designated days of the week lively business
1 Tsuki no Yu Minamidai 2-30-7 03-3381-8786 Sunday light gymnastics
2 Kiyoharu hot water 2-1-9 Yayoi-cho 03-3373-0440 Friday Light gymnastics/chair gymnastics
3 club bath Honmachi 2-47-5 03-3373-0570 Wednesday trim gymnastics
Four Daikokuyu Honcho 4-chome 32-10 03-3381-9690 Wednesday elderly aerobics
Five Chiyo no Yu Chuo 3-chome 16-12 *Closed
6 Terunoyu Chuo 3-30-6 03-3381-8051 Wednesday elderly aerobics
7 Takasagoyu Chuo 4-chome 49-2 03-3380-4126 Friday light gymnastics
8 Showa public bath Chuo 5-chome 21-12 03-3382-2414 Tuesday Senior Citizen Magic Class
9 Health bath spring 3-17-3 Higashinakano 03-3362-3524 Thursday elderly aerobics
Ten Aqua Higashi Nakano Higashi Nakano 4-chome 9-22 03-5330-1126 Friday trim gymnastics
11 Matsumoto hot water 5-29-12 Higashinakano 03-3371-8392 Tuesday Chair/Towel Gymnastics


Tenjinyu 5-10-10 Nakano 03-3387-2657 Friday Chair/Towel Gymnastics
13 Nakano Kotobuki Hot Spring 1-14-13 Arai 03-3387-2047 Friday light gymnastics
14 Shinkoe ​​Izumi Arai 5-17-2 03-3386-4917 Thursday elderly aerobics
15 Ichinoyu 1-39-10 Numabukuro 03-3386-2836 Friday elderly aerobics


Ekodayu Ekoda 3-5-12 03-3385-7800 Wednesday Light gymnastics/chair gymnastics


Showa hot water 1-21-1 Nogata 03-3385-3886 Tuesday elderly aerobics
18 Joetsu Spring Nogata 1-51-10 03-3388-9445 Wednesday Chair/Towel Gymnastics
19 Yamatoyu 4-1-3 Yamatocho 03-3339-5089 Wednesday elderly aerobics
20 Takarayu 1-49-1 Wakamiya 03-3330-4126 Wednesday elderly aerobics
twenty one Heiwayu 3-11-2 Nakamuraminami, Nerima-ku 03-3990-1666 Wednesday (not implemented)

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