Mail application reception desk of various elderly person services

The Elderly Support Division provides various services for the elderly. As usual, the application window is at each district general branch office and the elderly consultation center, but in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we will accept it by mail. Please print and use the documents listed below for the application form.

If you have any questions or consultations, please contact the Elderly Support Division Home Support Section.

Available business

We accept applications by mail for the following businesses:

Daily life tool payment business

Application form (PDF: 110KB)

Elderly people with dementia welcome back support project

Application form (PDF: 183KB)

Elderly wandering search support

Application form (PDF: 76KB)

Meal delivery service

Application form (PDF: 153KB) Registration change notification (PDF: 139KB)

Housekeeping assistance service for the elderly *

Application form (PDF: 191KB)

Payment of free bathing tickets

Application form (PDF: 120KB) Application form (additional) (PDF: 119KB)

Hairdressing service

Application form (PDF: 102KB)

Minato Ward Community Bus Ticket

Application form (PDF: 153KB)

Welfare cab operation and emergency transfer service

Application form (PDF: 57KB)

Dispatch of emergency temporary caregiver *

Application form (PDF: 184KB)

visit phone

Application form (PDF: 87KB)

Disposable diaper benefits and subsidies for diaper costs

Application [benefit, furtherance] (PDF: 112KB)

Diaper charges subsidy bank transfer request book (PDF: 77KB)

Diaper designation certificate (PDF: 74KB)

emergency call system

Application form (PDF: 222KB)

Outpatient Support Service (In-Hospital Assistance) *

Application form (PDF: 117KB) Notice of change (PDF: 102KB)

Disinfection such as bedding drying

Application form (PDF: 95KB)

Support project for moving into private rental housing for the elderly

Private rental housing introduction application (PDF: 111KB) Debt Guarantee Company Introduction Application Form (PDF: 99KB)
Private rental housing moving expenses subsidy supply application (PDF: 74KB) Consent form (PDF: 52KB)

Elderly Independence Support Housing Renovation Benefits *

Application (coordination) (PDF: 84KB) Application (house repair) (PDF: 106KB)

Subsidies for installation of elevators and escalators for the elderly *

Application form (PDF: 204KB)

Address to send application forms, etc.

〒105-8511 1-5-25 Shibakoen, Minato-ku

Minato Ward Office, Health and Welfare Support Department, Elderly Support Section, Home Support Section

Items marked with an asterisk (*) will be mailed to the Elderly Counseling Center in your area.

Please be sure to consult with the Elderly Counseling Center in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Affiliation: Home Support Section, Elderly Support Section, Health and Welfare Support Department

Phone number: 03-3578-2400 (extension: 2403)

Fax number: 03-3578-2419

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