Elderly person influenza vaccination (2022)

Based on the Preventive Vaccination Act, we carry out elderly person influenza vaccination.
Vaccination pre-examination vote is issued to target person.

When you get the flu, your systemic symptoms appear stronger than when you have a cold, and if you get pneumonia, it can be aggravated. Getting vaccinated against influenza is effective in preventing the onset of the disease and preventing the severity of the illness.
After vaccination, it takes about two weeks for the immune system to develop resistance to influenza, and the full effect lasts for about five months. Considering the season when influenza is prevalent, it is recommended that you get vaccinated by mid-December (however, if you are 65 years old this year and fall under the target age group for the first time, you should apply for the vaccination issued by the ward. You can be vaccinated using the vaccination screening form after reaching the age of 65).

In addition, influenza vaccination is given only to those who wish to be vaccinated, and it is not obligatory or compulsory.

Target audience

Those residing in Meguro Ward who fall under any of the following categories and wish to be vaccinated.

  1. Persons aged 65 and over: In FY2022, persons born before January 1, 1958 (those who have reached the age of 65 on the date of vaccination)
  2. Persons aged 60 to 64 who have impaired heart, kidney, or respiratory function or impaired immune function due to human immunodeficiency virus (determined as grade 1 or equivalent in the disability certificate due to these disorders) how to be)

If you fall under 2 above and wish to be vaccinated, please apply by phone or electronic application to the Health and Prevention Section Vaccination Section.

Implementation period and number of times

From October 1, 2020 to January 31, 2023

One vaccination will be given between October 1, 2022 and January 31, 2023. Inoculation based on law is only once. Please note that if you inoculate outside the period, you will be responsible for the full amount.


We can inoculate at contract medical institution in 23 wards.
Vaccinations can be administered using the vaccination pre-examination form at contracted medical institutions in Meguro Ward or contracted medical institutions in 22 wards outside of Meguro Ward. For contracted medical institutions in 22 wards other than Meguro Ward, please contact the relevant ward or medical institution directly.

Some medical institutions may require an appointment, so please check with the medical institution in advance.


  • Free (In 2022, all eligible people are free due to a special subsidized project by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.)
  • Please note that you will be responsible for the full amount if you receive the vaccination without the ward-issued vaccination ticket, or if you receive the vaccination outside the designated period.

Dispatch of vaccination pre-examination vote (simultaneous shipment)

For those who were born before October 1, 1957 and those born between October 2, 1957 and November 1, 1957, we will send out a vaccination questionnaire at the end of September, 2022.
In addition, for those who were born between November 2, 1957 and January 1, 1958, the Vaccination Pre-examination Sheet will be sent on the following schedule.

  • For those born between November 2nd and December 1st, 1957, it will be shipped at the end of October 2022.
  • For those born between December 2, 1957 and January 1, 1958, it will be shipped at the end of November 2022.

Those who moved to Meguro Ward during the implementation period

If you have moved to Meguro Ward during the implementation period and have not been vaccinated at your previous address, please apply for a vaccination pre-examination form at the Immunization Section of the Health and Prevention Division. We also accept electronic applications.

Electronic application of vaccination preliminary examination vote

If you have lost your vaccination certificate or have moved to Meguro Ward, you can apply for issuance by electronic application. (The deadline for electronic application is January 24, 2023.)

Link to external site Opens in a new window. Electronic application (application for issuance of pre-examination slip)

Transfer of pre-examination slips outside the resident registration area

As a general rule, the immunization questionnaire will be sent to the resident registration area, but in the following cases, it is possible to send it to another address by submitting a "transfer application form" .

  1. When sending to relatives because it is difficult to manage, such as losing it even if it is sent to the person himself/herself
  2. When sending directly to a nursing facility (or hospital) because the person is in a nursing facility (or hospital) in the city or 22 wards
  3. When sending to an adult guardian or assistant

Please submit the "transfer application form" and the applicant's identification document (driver's license, health insurance card, etc. that can confirm the current address). (If applying by mail, attach a copy.) For 3 above, in addition to verifying your identity, please also submit a copy of the certificate of registered information.
After receiving the "transfer application form" , register on the transfer list. Unless there is a request for change or cancellation, we will send it to the forwarding address every year.

Relationship with other vaccinations

If a doctor deems it particularly necessary, simultaneous vaccination with other vaccines is possible.
In addition, regarding other vaccinations before and after vaccination with the new coronavirus vaccine, as a general rule, it is supposed to be at least two weeks apart and not to be vaccinated at the same time. Simultaneous vaccination with the new corona vaccine is now possible. There are no restrictions on vaccination intervals (the ``Announcement of Routine Influenza Vaccination for the Elderly in Meguro Ward in 2022'', which was sent to the target person with the vaccination questionnaire, states that simultaneous vaccination with the new coronavirus vaccine is not possible. (Although it states that an inoculation interval of 2 weeks or more is required, the above changes have enabled simultaneous inoculations, and there are no restrictions on the inoculation interval.)

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