Guidance of cancer screening

The cancer screening business aims to reduce cancer mortality. We investigate whether there is any suspicion of cancer development among healthy people without symptoms, and those who are suspected are given appropriate treatment, and those who are not are referred to the next checkup.

Flow chart of cancer screening

Since examinations are intended for healthy individuals, a higher level of safety is required, unlike examinations for disease treatment. The city strives to maintain the skills of workers and the requirements of facilities at a high level, to improve the accuracy of diagnosis through double reading and comparative reading, and to provide highly accurate medical examinations based on scientific evidence. We are striving to implement it.

*Double reading is reading by two or more doctors.

*Comparative interpretation is the interpretation of images by comparing them with past data to see if there is any change.

Guidance of cancer screening business

The City offers the following cancer screenings free of charge (some charge a fee).

List of cancer screening projects

Type of examination Target age *Age at the end of the fiscal year Inspection method Consultation place cost Consultation period
stomach cancer Gastroscopy (gastroscope) even age over 50 An endoscope is inserted through the mouth or nose to look inside directly.
*There are dietary restrictions from the day before.
*You will need the endoscopy examination ticket enclosed in the "Notice of Cancer Screening" at the time of examination. Please read the precautions on the stomach cancer screening page before your consultation.
* You can choose either the barium test, but you cannot do both tests in the same year.
Designated medical institution in the ward 1000 yen 6 months
Stomach X-ray examination (barium) Over 35 years old

X-rays are taken from different angles after taking a foaming agent and barium.
*There are dietary restrictions from the day before. *Please read the precautions on the gastric cancer screening page before the examination.

Cancer prevention/
Health promotion center or medical hall
free 6 months
Colorectal cancer fecal occult blood test Over 40 Using a test kit, take 2 days worth of stools and check for blood. Cancer prevention/
Health Promotion Center
free 6 months
lung cancer chest x-ray Over 40 A chest X-ray is taken. Cancer prevention/
Health Promotion Center
free 6 months
Sputum cytology

Those aged 50 or over with a high smoking index *Combined with X-ray examination

A sputum container is used to examine sputum cells.
The number of cigarettes smoked per day x the number of years of smoking exceeds 600. (including past smoking history)
*Sputum cytology alone is not available as it is combined with a chest X-ray examination.
Cancer prevention/
Health Promotion Center
breast cancer Mammography Even age over 40 A machine clamps the breast and takes an x-ray.
*If a male technician takes a photo, a female staff member will be present.
Cancer prevention/
Health Promotion Center
free 1 year
cervical cancer cervical cytology Even age over 20 After inspection and pelvic examination, cells are collected and examined.
* Male doctors may be available at the Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion Center.
Designated medical institution in the ward free 6 months
Cancer prevention/
Health Promotion Center
free 1 year

*The consultation period is from the birth month.

The Arakawa Ward Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion Center is accredited as a facility by the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology and as a mammography examination facility and image accredited facility by the Japan Breast Cancer Screening Accreditation Center.

How to get a cancer screening

Free Cancer Screening Notification Envelope

About one month before the birth month of the person who is eligible for cancer screening, we will send a "cancer screening notice" by mail .

The application method differs depending on the place where the examination is taken.

Examinations conducted at the Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion Center

  • Please fill out the enclosed application postcard with your desired cancer screening and examination date, and return it by the application deadline.
  • If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, a computer lottery will be held. Depending on the lottery results, if you win on the day you wish to have a medical examination, we will send you a medical examination ticket at a later date. If you are unsuccessful on the day you wish to have a medical examination, we will make an appointment for a medical examination on a vacant date and send you an examination ticket at a later date.
  • If you wish to change the schedule, please contact the Adult Health Checkup Section .
  • Every month, we accept reservations with priority given to people in their birthday month. If you are unable to see a doctor during your birth month, you can make an appointment for a date that is available in the following month or later. If you wish to have a medical examination after the month following your birth month, please contact us by phone after the application acceptance start date of the month in which you wish to have a medical examination.
Reservation acceptance start schedule for people other than the birthday month
Preferred month Phone reception start date
April March 15 (Tuesday)
in May Friday, April 15th
June May 17 (Tuesday)
July June 15 (Wednesday)
August July 14 (Thursday)
September Tuesday, August 16th
October September 15 (Thursday)
November October 17 (Monday)
December November 15 (Tuesday)
January December 15 (Thursday)
February January 16 (Monday)
March February 15 (Wednesday)

2022 (Raiwa 4) cancer prevention and health promotion center medical examination schedule

The examination is scheduled to be held at the Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion Center in 2022.

The schedule may be changed from the perspective of preventing the spread of infection.

  • Medical checkup in the morning: stomach cancer, lung cancer (reception hours 8:40-10:30)
  • Examinations in the afternoon: breast and cervical cancer examinations (reception hours 13:20-14:25)

Each examination takes approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Please bring the colorectal cancer screening sample kit with you when you undergo each screening. If you are only undergoing colorectal cancer screening, please bring it to the Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion Center between 8:30 and 16:00 on open agency days . (Days without colors are open days.)

Schedule R4 April

Schedule R4 May

Schedule R4 June


Schedule R4 AugustR4-9Schedule R4 OctoberSchedule R4 NovemberSchedule R4 December




Cancer screening day

Cancer prevention and health promotion Please come to the center. Please complete the reception procedure 10 minutes before the reservation time.

If you are applying for stomach cancer screening, please follow the instructions in the precautions sent with the consultation ticket and implement dietary restrictions.

The order of examination is the order of the examination ticket number printed on the examination ticket. Even if you come earlier than the reservation time, the order will not be early. The examination will take approximately 1-2 hours from the start of examination. The order may vary slightly depending on the type of examination desired.

Notification of examination results

Envelope for medical examination results

The results of the examination will be mailed approximately one month later.

For detailed inspection results

Early detection and early treatment are important for cancer.
Please consult a medical institution as soon as possible.
For details, please see the page of each examination item

There is a link at the bottom of this page.

Examination application (stomach cancer X-ray (barium) examination) to carry out at doctor's association building

The application method is the same as the examination conducted at the Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion Center.

Only gastric cancer X-ray (barium) examination is carried out in the examination car. It is held once a month. Only those who undergo gastric cancer X-ray (barium) examination at the medical association building can submit a test kit for colorectal cancer examination at the same time.

The Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion Center will mail you the test results about one month later.

Examination application (stomach endoscope, cervical cancer examination) to carry out in city medical institution

Please make an appointment directly with each medical institution.

When undergoing a medical examination, you will need information about your cancer screening (in the case of a gastroscopy, you will also need a medical examination ticket) and your health insurance card (household certificate, etc. for those on public assistance).

Please contact the medical institution where you received the test results. For detailed information on designated medical institutions in the city, please see each examination information page.

Access to the center

Exterior view of Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion Center
Appearance photo

Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion Center Surrounding Map

Address: 2-11-1 Arakawa, Arakawa-ku Telephone: 03-3806-0321
*Note 1 From Toden Arakawa 2-chome ... 5 minutes on foot *Note 2 From Toden Arakawa Kuyakusho-mae ... 6 minutes on foot *Note 3 Toei Bus Arakawa Kuyakusho-mae ... 3 minutes on foot

You can browse the detailed page of each examination content from the examination name listed below.

Stomach cancer screening Lung cancer screening Colon cancer screening Breast cancer screeningCervical cancer screening

Please read before undergoing cancer screening

It was created to carry out cancer screening safely.
We explain the flow and precautions for cancer screening, exercises to prevent barium ingestion, notification of test results, etc.

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