Request for notification by a doctor based on the Infectious Disease Law

Diagnosed with a specified infectious disease based on Article 12, Paragraph 1 and Article 14, Paragraph 2 of the "Law Concerning the Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Care for Patients with Infectious Diseases" (hereinafter referred to as the "Infectious Diseases Law") Doctors are supposed to notify the nearest public health center.

Notice (excerpt from the Tokyo Metropolitan Infectious Disease Information Center website)

Updated September 26, 2022

  • "COVID-19 infection"

Partial Revision of New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Notification Criteria and Form

Updated September 5, 2022

  • "syphilis"

Addition of Tokyo Metropolitan Government's original style (page 2) (Word: 46KB)

Notification Criteria and Notification Form

Notification standards are stipulated for each infectious disease. When you have diagnosed the target infectious disease, please notify the nearest public health center using the prescribed notification form (outbreak notification) .

Please see the link below for the notification criteria and notification form.

Tokyo infectious disease information center homepage (we link to the outside site)

Notification criteria

  • Diseases subject to 100% grasp
Type 1 to Type 4 infectious diseases right away
Category V infectious diseases (invasive meningococcal infection, rubella and measles) right away
Category V infectious diseases (excluding the above) within 7 days
Infectious diseases such as new influenza (excluding new coronavirus infectious diseases) right away

  • Diseases targeted for fixed-point grasp
Some of the V infectious diseases

Summarize for each specified period (week or month)

*Varies by disease

  • COVID-19 infection

Persons who fall under the following four categories

(a) Persons aged 65 or over

(b) Persons requiring hospitalization

(c) Persons at risk of aggravation and requiring administration of novel coronavirus therapeutics or Persons at risk of aggravation and requiring new oxygen administration due to new corona

(d) Pregnant women

right away
Persons other than the above

Each day

(Total number of patients and total number by age group)

*We ask for your cooperation in submitting notifications using the "Support system for grasping and managing information on people infected with the novel coronavirus (HER-SYS)."

If the notification is delayed

The notification period for notification of the occurrence is determined as described above.

If the notification is delayed, please submit the following reason for the delay along with the notification of the occurrence.

Notification procedure

Infectious diseases that need to be reported "immediately" (excluding infectious diseases such as new strains of influenza)

1. Please call the Kita Ward Public Health Center (TEL: 03-3919-3102) and report the following items.

・Infectious disease outbreak

・Personal information (name, date of birth, address (location), etc.)

・Symptoms, response status, etc.

2. Fax the notification form to the Kita Ward Public Health Center (FAX: 03-3919-5163).

Infections other than the above

  1. Please fax the notification form to the Kita Ward Public Health Center (FAX: 03-3919-5163) by the deadline.

If you need to contact us at night or on holidays

  1. Please contact the Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Center "Himawari" (TEL: 03-5272-0303).


Affiliation: Tuberculosis Infectious Disease Section, Health Prevention Division, Kita Ward Public Health Center

2-7-3 Higashijujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0001

Phone number: 03-3919-3102

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