In order to prevent infection, we recommend procedures such as mailing!

We continue to recommend procedures such as mailing to thoroughly prevent infection. Please make full use of it. For details, please see the link below.

About postage when applying by mail

In order to allow residents to use procedures that can be done by mail as much as possible, the deadline for "payment to payee" (postage burden by the city), which was limited to the end of March 2022, will be extended to 2023. It will be extended until the end of March.

If you download the address form for recipient-paid mail, cut it along the outer frame, and paste it on an envelope, you can mail it without stamps. Please use all means.

  1. The expiration date of the recipient-paid envelope is "until March 31, 2023".
  2. (1) Procedures that can be done by mail, etc. (2) Among procedures that can be done by mail, etc., those that do not already have a designated dedicated envelope If you send it in a payment envelope, please check and select the corresponding "Destination Department" or write it down.
  3. Do not enlarge or reduce when printing.
  4. Please note that forms downloaded before March 31, 2022 cannot be used for shipping after April 1, 2022.

(Note) According to the Bunkyo Ward Ordinance on Administrative Fees, you will be required to pay the return postage when requesting a copy of your resident's card, family register certificate, tax payment certificate, etc.

Please download the form from the link below.

For long 3 envelopes (vertical length, width 120mm x height 235mm) (PDF file; 225KB)

For Kaku 2 Envelopes (slightly larger than A4, 240mm wide x 332m long) (PDF file; 219KB)

    National Health Insurance and Pension Division

    1. (Note 1) In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it is now possible to apply for the National Health Insurance by mail for the time being.

      (Note 2) From the perspective of preventing the spread of infection, in order to shorten the time spent at the counter when visiting the office, in principle, the counter will only accept necessary documents such as application forms, and will not hand over health insurance cards. , We will respond by mail at a later date.

    2. Please also refer to the following for information other than postal procedures.

    5. Application for reissuance of medical insurance card for the elderly, various certificates, etc.

    Childcare Support Section Child Benefits Section

    1. Children's medical expenses subsidy <New application, reissue, notification> (Note) Downloadable forms For the following systems related to single parents, please contact us if you are [new].
      We will send you the necessary documents together.
    2. Child Rearing Allowance (Note) Only change and disappearance forms can be downloaded
    3. Medical expenses subsidy for single-parent families (Note) Payment application (refund request), change, and disappearance only Form downloadable

    Prevention Division

    Issuance of Vaccination Pre-examination Sheet after moving to Bunkyo Ward

    In addition to mail, we also accept procedures over the phone. Please see each vaccination page.

    Bunkyo Ward Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center

    About the vaccination ticket for the new coronavirus vaccine

    1. Reissue If you are registered as a resident in Bunkyo Ward and wish to have your vaccination ticket reissued for reasons such as "damaged or lost your vaccination ticket," "moving within the ward," or "change of name."
    2. Address change (adult guardian, etc.)
      Those who are guardians of adults, etc. and wish to change the mailing address to an adult ward
    3. If you have a resident registration outside of Bunkyo Ward, have a vaccination ticket outside of Bunkyo Ward, or are a person working away from home or a pregnant woman returning home to give birth, Those who wish to be vaccinated in Bunkyo Ward

    Disability Welfare Division

    As much as possible, we will handle procedures such as application and issuance of notebooks and other services by mail. If you contact us, we will mail the necessary documents to your home, so please contact us at the following.

    1. Thing about application, grant of certificate of the physically disabled

      Disabled Welfare Division Physically Disabled Support Section: 03 (5803) 1219

    2. Matters related to the application and issuance of Ai no Techo

      Disabled Welfare Division Intellectually Disabled Support Section: 03 (5803) 1214

    3. Regarding various services

      Disabled Welfare Division Home Service for the Disabled: 03 (5803) 1212

    (Note) Persons with hearing impairments and those who find it difficult to consult over the phone, FAX: 03 (5803) 1352

    Nursing Care Insurance Division

    1. Application for reissuance of long-term care insurance card
    2. Return of long-term care insurance card due to moving out or death
    3. Procedures for changing the address for sending long-term care insurance related documents
    4. Application for long-term care insurance premium account transfer
    5. Submission of notification form regarding special address
    6. Claim for refund of long-term care insurance premiums
    7. Application for long-term care (required support) certification
    8. Grant application of copy of document pertaining to long-term care certification ← "Restriction of impossibility within 30 minutes" has also been lifted.
    9. Submission of accident report by nursing care insurance company
    10. Application, report to affect care insurance payment
    11. Application, report to affect care insurance company
    12. Application pertaining to certification for persons with disabilities exemption

    For procedures from items 2 to 6, documents will be sent by mail.

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