Adverse reaction and health damage relief system

Unfavorable changes in physical condition after vaccination are called side effects. Currently, the new corona vaccine that is being inoculated in Japan may cause pain in the injection site, fatigue, headache, pain in muscles and joints, chills, diarrhea, fever, etc. Most of these symptoms resolve within a few days after vaccination.

Specialized consultation for post-vaccination side effects, etc.

If you want to have a professional consultation about side effects after vaccination, please contact the Tokyo Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Adverse Reactions Consultation Center.

Tokyo Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Adverse Reaction Consultation Center
Phone number: 03-6258-5802 (available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays)
Main inquiries: Consultation with a medical professional if symptoms of adverse reactions are seen after vaccination, etc.

Report on Suspected Adverse Reactions to New Corona Vaccine

Information on adverse reactions (side effects) after vaccination with the new coronavirus vaccine, such as reports of suspected adverse reactions to the new coronavirus vaccine that have been reported so far, can be confirmed from the following page.

Report on suspected side effects of the new coronavirus vaccine (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website) (link to an external site)

Health Damage Relief System in Case of Adverse Reactions

In general, side effects of vaccination (such as sickness or residual disability) are extremely rare but unavoidable, so a relief system has been established.

Under the Relief System, if a vaccination causes health damage and requires treatment at a medical institution or leaves a disability, relief (medical expenses, disability pension, etc.) based on the Vaccination Act is provided. You can

In the case of health hazards caused by vaccination against the new coronavirus infection, relief is available based on the Preventive Vaccination Act.

Regarding the contents of the current relief system, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare homepage "vaccination health damage relief system" (we link to the outside site) Please refer to the.

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