lung cancer screening

Lung cancer screening is carried out with the aim of reducing deaths from lung cancer.

Eligible people are those over 40 who live in the city. One month before the month of birth, we will send a “Cancer Screening Notice” to eligible people. Please see the cancer screening information page for information on how to apply.

In addition, if you receive a "required detailed examination" in the medical examination, be sure to undergo a detailed examination.

What is lung cancer

lung cancer screening
Annual lung cancer screening

Currently, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Arakawa Ward.
Lung cancer is cancerous cells in the bronchi and alveoli for some reason.

In the early stages, there are often no subjective symptoms, and there is no symptom that "if you have this symptom, you will definitely have lung cancer." Sometimes it progresses without symptoms.

The main symptoms include cough, sputum, blood in sputum, fever, shortness of breath, palpitations, and chest pain. If you have symptoms, don't wait for a check-up and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

types of lung cancer

Lung field type lung cancer

In addition to smoking, cancer is said to be greatly affected by carcinogens contained in exhaust gas and food additives. It is a type of cancer that develops in the peripheral part of the lung (lung field), and symptoms do not readily appear.

hilar lung cancer

It is a cancer that is said to be greatly affected by smoking. It is a type that develops in the large bronchi at the entrance of the lungs ( hilar region), and is difficult to detect by X-ray examination in the early stages. It's easy cancer .

Contents of lung cancer screening


We will ask you about your current medical history, work environment (whether you have been in an environment where you inhale asbestos), medical history, smoking history, whether you have subjective symptoms such as coughing or phlegm, and family history of cancer.

chest radiography

X-rays are taken to look for shadows that indicate cancer in the hilar area and lung fields. You can shoot while wearing underwear or T-shirts that do not contain metal or plastic.

Sputum cytology

This is a test for early detection of hilar squamous cell carcinoma, which often occurs in smokers. A test that uses a microscope to detect cancer cells that have fallen off from the cancer and come out in the sputum.

The target audience is those aged 50 or older with a smoking index of 600 or higher.

What is Smoking Index?

It is calculated by multiplying the average number of cigarettes smoked per day by the number of years of smoking. This includes past smoking history. For heated cigarettes, the number of cartridges is read as the number of cigarettes smoked.

The longer you smoke and the more cigarettes you smoke, the higher your risk.

For those who apply for lung cancer screening, have a history of screening at the Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion Center, and are eligible for sputum cytology, we will mail a sputum container before the screening. (Implemented from April 2022) If you have been sent a container, please collect it according to the instructions and bring it on the day of the examination.

Frequently asked questions about sputum cytology

  • Because it is a combined examination with lung X-ray, it is not possible to receive only sputum cytology.
  • A correct examination cannot be performed with the saliva, but sputum cells may be mixed in the saliva.
  • Accurate testing is possible if you take 3 days, but you can also test for just 1 day.

Those who are not suitable for lung cancer screening

  • Those who are pregnant or may become pregnant
  • Those who are currently undergoing treatment or follow-up for respiratory diseases
  • Those who have undergone lung surgery, those who have been diagnosed with lung cancer and are undergoing treatment
  • Those with respiratory symptoms such as bloody sputum

Smoking/passive smoking and lung cancer

Smoking is one of the risk factors for lung cancer. Smokers are 4.4 times more likely to develop lung cancer than nonsmokers, and 2.8 times more likely to develop lung cancer in women. Passive smoking (inhaling tobacco smoke that flows around you) also increases the risk of lung cancer by about 20 to 30%.

Smoking cessation therapy is an effective way to get out of the smoking habit. Arakawa Ward subsidizes part of the cost of smoking cessation outpatient treatment (up to 10,000 yen).

Non-smoking challenge support plan (non-smoking outpatient medical expenses subsidy)

If a detailed inspection is required

The city will issue a referral letter for a detailed examination. (Introduction letter is free)

It does not mean that "a detailed examination is necessary = cancer is found", but if you do not judge yourself as "maybe by chance" and do not leave it as it is, please be sure to undergo a detailed examination as a result of the examination. .

Types of detailed examinations for lung cancer screening

Chest CT examination

A CT uses x-rays to make a cross-sectional picture of the inside of the body. It provides far more information than X-rays, such as the size, nature, and spread of cancer to surrounding organs, making it an essential examination for diagnosing lung cancer.

Bronchoscopy (lung camera)

This is a test in which a long, thin tube (scope) is inserted through the mouth or nose to directly observe the inside of the lungs.

Please note that if the sputum cytology results in a detailed examination, re-taking the sputum cytology does not constitute a detailed examination.

Cooperating medical institutions that can perform detailed examinations (as of March 1, 2022)

Medical institution name address phone
Nippon Medical School Hospital 1-1-5 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku


Tokyo Women's Medical University Adachi Medical Center

4-33-1 Kohoku, Adachi-ku 03-3857-0111

Please be sure to call in advance to confirm.

You can also see a doctor at a medical institution other than the above, but please be sure to bring a letter of introduction.

If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer, please see the "Cancer Consultation/Support" page .

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