Provision of emergency power supplies, etc.

 Shinjuku City provides private power generators, storage batteries, etc. necessary to secure power during blackouts.

1 target audience

・Create a “Disaster Individual Support Plan”.
・Not being provided with the target goods by other public systems (intractable diseases).

2 Target goods and cost burden

benefits Credit limit
a Private power generator 212,000 yen
b Uninterruptible power supply 41,000 yen

c Storage battery
C-(1) Storage battery
C-(2) External battery for ventilator

104,000 yen
D. Aspirator (dry battery type) 100,000 yen

*A to C (C (1), C (2)) can be applied for either one point, and D can be applied together with A to C.
* If you exceed the limit for each item, you will be responsible for the excess amount.

3 Procedures

・Please consult with the public health nurse in charge of the health center in charge of your area or the Community Medicine Section of the Health Policy Division.
・We will review the application and decide whether or not the payment will be made.
・After the payment is determined, a payment ticket will be issued.
・It will be delivered after submitting the benefit ticket to the seller.

4 Information/Application Form

5 Consultation

Ushigome Health Center Telephone: 03-3260-6231 FAX: 03-3260-6223
Yotsuya Health Center Phone: 03-3351-5161 FAX: 03-3351-5166
Higashi-Shinjuku Health Center Telephone: 03-3200-1026 FAX: 03-3200-1027
Ochiai Health Center Phone: 03-3952-7161 FAX: 03-3952-9943
Health Policy Division Regional Medicine Section Telephone: 03-5273-3839 FAX: 03-5273-3876

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Shinjuku ward Health Department - Health Policy Division
Community medicine section
Phone: 03-5273-3839
Fax: 03-5273-3876

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