To high school students in Tokyo (reservation application)

We will accept reservation applications before admission from the start of lending in 2023!

1. What is reservation application?

  • I am planning to go to a nursing training facility This is a system that allows high school students in Tokyo to make a reservation application while they are still in high school, and receive a loan of study funds earlier than if they had normally applied after entering the training facility.

2.Overview of procedure

(1) Consultation/application

  • Applications for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tuition Fund for Nursing, etc. are made through high schools in Tokyo.
  • For inquiries and applications, please contact the high school you are currently attending.

(2) Application method


  • Current high school window

[Application deadline]

  • Deadline determined by each high school

*Reservation applications for FY2023 have been closed*
In addition, normal application (application after admission) is scheduled to be accepted around April 2023 at the training facility, etc. of the destination .

【important point】

  • If the documents are incomplete or the entries are false, the application will be disqualified from the examination (selection).
  • In addition, we may ask you to submit related documents in addition to the required documents in order to confirm your loan eligibility.

(3) Required documents

Applicant himself/herself

1.Study fund loan application form [Be sure to print on both sides! ] (PDF:181KB) *Make sure to print double-sided*
2.Certificate of residence of the applicant or dependents
3. Documents certifying the income of dependents, etc.
4. Documents certifying special exemption (applicable only)
5. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Nursing Fund Transfer Request Form (PDF:87KB) (+ copy of passbook etc. attached)

joint guarantor

1. Seal registration certificate
2.Certificate of income, etc.
3. Certificate of residence

(4) Nursing training facility at the destination

  • If you wish to borrow one, please check in advance with the school window of the nurse training facility to see if the nurse training facility and its course are covered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Nursing Fund.
  • Schools that have been designated by the Tokyo metropolitan government as eligible for tuition funds and have been assigned a school course code are eligible for this tuition fund.

(5) Reiwa 5th year study fund (loan) information ◆ Reservation application ◆ Closed

* When submitting the application documents, please be sure to read both [1/2] and [2/2] of the Guide to Study Funds (Loans).

3. Job offer

After reviewing the application documents, etc., we will decide whether or not you have been offered a job offer, and we will send you a job offer notice around the beginning of February.

4. Loan decision (final decision)

After those who have been unofficially accepted in 2 advance to the training facility, the training facility will confirm the admission. Once confirmed, we will send you a loan decision notice.

5. Schedule

  • Around November 2022
After receiving applications from students, the high school collects and recommends them, and submits the documents to the capital.
  • About February 2023 Notice of informal decision
  • April-May 2023 Notice of loan decision
Transfer period ~reservation application~
Reservation application
number of times Transfer time
April to June First time Mid May
July to September Second time Mid-July
October to December Third time Mid-October
January to March 4th mid-January

6. Precautions when applying

joint guarantor

  • If you are going to be a joint guarantor, please understand this system well in advance and be sure to obtain consent.
  • The application form for the student loan requires the signature of the joint guarantor, affixing the seal with a registered seal, and submission of documents such as proof of income.
  1. One joint guarantor is required.
  2. In principle, relatives within the fourth degree. (*)
  3. Be of age.
  4. From the time the loan application is submitted until the end of the loan repayment period, the applicant must be employed in a certain occupation and earn an independent living. We do not accept those who are unemployed or those who only have pension income.
  5. Do not (do not) guarantee other borrowers or applicants regarding this study fund.
  6. Not in the process of debt consolidation (bankruptcy, etc.).
  7. Must not be a dependent under the Income Tax Act.
* If you do not meet the loan qualifications in 2. (relatives within the 4th degree), you are allowed if you have an income above the following criteria.
household size 1 person 2 people 3 persons 4 people 5 people
Average monthly fee 177,000 yen 261,000 yen 319,000 yen 376,000 yen 411,000 yen
household size 6 people 7 people 8 people 9 people 10 people
Average monthly fee 459,000 yen 513,000 yen 558,000 yen 603,000 yen 648,000 yen

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