DT2 stage (diphtheria and tetanus mixed) vaccination

DT2 (diphtheria/tetanus mixed) vaccination is DPT1 (diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus mixed) or DPT-IPV1 (diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus/polio mixed). It enhances the effect of immunity obtained by
The 1st stage vaccination is given in infancy, but especially for diphtheria, the immune effect weakens in some people after about 10 years. It is desirable to do, and it is said that sufficient immune effect can be obtained by vaccination.
In addition, if DPT1 stage and DPT-IPV1 stage vaccination in infancy has not been completed or inoculated, additional vaccination may be required. (Additional inoculations are optional and will be charged .)

Target person

From the day before the 11th birthday to the day before the 13th birthday (standard vaccination age 11 years old)

Number of inoculations

1 dose at the age of 11 (standard vaccination age )

Electronic application

If you have lost your health checkup slip or if your child has moved to Meguro Ward and has not been vaccinated, you can apply for issuance of a health checkup slip online here.
Electronic application (Tokyo joint electronic application/notification service)

cost of vaccination

If you use the sent preliminary examination slip and receive the vaccination within the period of the legal vaccination age, it is free of charge. However, you will be charged a fee if you are vaccinated at a medical institution other than the designated medical institution or if you are out of the legal vaccination age.

Where to get vaccinated

Please inoculate at a contracted medical institution in Meguro Ward. In addition, you may be able to receive it at medical institutions in the 22 wards other than Meguro Ward. Please contact the relevant ward or medical institution directly. For a list of medical institutions in Meguro Ward, please see the " Children's Vaccinations " page.

Precautions when receiving DT2 stage (diphtheria and tetanus mixture) vaccination

Please read the DT2 (diphtheria and tetanus combined) vaccination information below and get it when your child is in good health.
Side effects of the DT2 vaccine include fever, localized redness, swelling, and induration, all of which resolve within a few days.

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