Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Work Environment Improvement Support Center

The Tokyo Medical Work Environment Improvement Support Center supports medical institutions working to improve the work environment.

Expert assistance

We have medical business management advisors (medical business management consultants) and medical labor management advisors (social insurance labor consultants) to provide professional support free of charge to meet the diverse needs of medical institutions.

≪Medical Business Management Advisor≫
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government entrusts the Tokyo branch of the Japan Medical Management Consultants Association to deploy medical management consultants.

≪Medical Labor Management Advisor≫
Assigned by the Tokyo Labor Bureau to the Tokyo Association of Labor and Social Security Attorneys

2022 support

~Introduction support~

◆ Support for current situation analysis and issue extraction
Conducting a staff questionnaire survey using a checklist and conducting interviews with managers and staff at medical institutions that say, "I don't know what to do first" or "I want to understand issues from staff satisfaction (awareness)." We will extract the issues and attractiveness from the above, and support the formulation of an improvement plan.
◆Problem-selective support (labor management consultation/medical management consultation)
Consultation items (1 ), we provide advice based on a professional perspective and support the formulation of an improvement plan.

Introduction support

~ Support for improving organizational capabilities (dispatching of training instructors) ~

We dispatch training instructors (social insurance labor consultants and medical management consultants) to medical institutions and medical organizations free of charge.

Training theme

-Support for creating plans to reduce working hours for doctors-

We will support initiatives related to the creation of plans for shortening working hours for doctors at medical institutions.

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◆Medical institutions wishing to receive introduction support, organizational strength improvement support, and doctor working hours reduction planning support , please check the support details and points to note before submitting the questionnaire.

~Consultation at any time~

Experts will consult with you over the phone or at your office regarding any questions or concerns you have about medical institutions working to improve their working environment, labor management, or the management of medical institutions.
In addition, we would like to use the support center's home visit support, but as a preliminary step, we would like to receive detailed explanations. We also provide on-site consultation support.
First of all, please feel free to call us at this window.

Consultation window

Consultation example

Awareness raising activities

Investigation, information gathering, etc.

We will conduct surveys and collect information such as grasping the actual situation of medical institutions and grasping needs for individual support for improving the working environment.

Dissemination/Public Relations

We will publicize and publicize the support center business so that it can be recognized and used effectively.

[Work Environment Kaizen Support Navi (Newsletter)]
We issue the "Working Environment Support Navi" to provide information that will lead to improvements in the working environment related to labor management and medical business management for managers and administrative staff at medical institutions.

Click here for Work Environment Kaizen Support Navi (newsletter)

[Information provision]
We will provide information as needed to serve as a reference for efforts to improve the working environment.

Click here for reference information on improving the working environment

Promotion of voluntary efforts

We created a voluntary checklist to promote efforts to improve the working environment at each medical institution. By checking the check items, you can grasp the current status of your hospital's efforts to improve the working environment.

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