The ward's way of thinking along with "Efforts to prevent the spread of infection" in Tokyo

On September 16, 2020 (Friday), the following matters were decided at the meeting of the Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters.

Ward policy

Based on the policies of the national and Tokyo governments, we have established the following.

  • In order to prevent the re-expansion of the new coronavirus infection, we will continue to implement measures to protect the "lives" of residents, including vaccination, in cooperation with medical institutions and related organizations.
  • Until now, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has taken measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as thorough basic infection prevention measures such as diligent ventilation and avoidance of the 3Cs, and early vaccination and testing, as part of its "efforts after May 23." We have been asking for cooperation, such as actions to prevent it. On the other hand, from September 13th onwards, under the policy of promoting both the prevention of the spread of infection and the recovery of socio-economic activities, it was decided to implement "initiatives to prevent the spread of infection". Based on this, we will continue to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures in this ward to prevent re-expansion due to Omicron strains.
  • We will provide necessary information to residents in a timely and appropriate manner.

* Depending on the infection situation, measures may be changed.

Measures for main facilities, etc.

Branch offices, schools, nursery schools, after-school clubs, welfare facilities, cleaning offices, parks, etc. will continue to operate. Each facility will be opened with thorough infection prevention measures in line with national and metropolitan guidelines. The opening hours of rental facilities, etc. will continue to be as usual, including the extension of night hours from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Regarding bringing in alcoholic beverages, eating and drinking, and having dinner together, we will ask users to cooperate in avoiding actions that have a high risk of infection, such as eating and drinking for a long time after September 13th. Regarding the use of karaoke facilities, after September 13th, we will ask for cooperation to thoroughly implement basic infection prevention measures, such as disinfecting microphones.

About public announcement of patient outbreak of new coronavirus infectious disease in Sumida-ku

The policy for the publication of patient outbreaks in our ward is as follows. (Please refer to the link)


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