Preliminary training for dispatched workers from medical institutions in remote areas of Tokyo

Training outline

1 Basis for implementation

“Cabinet Order for Partial Revision of the Order for Enforcement of the Act on Ensuring Appropriate Management of Worker Dispatch Businesses and Protection of Dispatched Workers” (Cabinet Order No. 40 of 2021, enforced on April 1, 2021) Training stipulated in Sections 1 and 5 (d)
* In principle, only those who have completed this training are permitted to work as temporary staff at medical institutions in remote areas.

2 purpose

Prior to being dispatched, medical workers dispatched to medical institutions in remote areas of Tokyo under the worker dispatch system will be provided with the necessary training to smoothly perform medical-related work in remote areas.

3 Target of pre-training

(1) Eligible dispatched workers Doctors, nurses, assistant nurses, pharmacists, clinical technologists, radiological technologists scheduled to be dispatched under the worker dispatch system

(2) Hospitals, etc. (hospitals, clinics, midwives, long-term care health facilities for the elderly, long-term care clinics) located in the following towns and villages to be dispatched

area Town/village name
mountainous area Hinohara Village, Okutama Town
Izu Islands Oshima Town, Toshima Village, Niijima Village, Kozushima Village, Miyake Village, Mikurashima Village, Hachijo Town, Aogashima Village
Ogasawara Islands Ogasawara Village

4 Training Implementation Method

Viewing lecture videos, etc. using the e-learning system

5 Training contents

(1) Contents of the training a. Things related to the natural environment and living environment peculiar to the dispatched area (climate/geography, disease structure/endemic, lifeline maintenance status, etc.) b. The dispatched medical institution, other medical institutions and fire department・Things related to cooperation system with administrative agencies such as the police c. Matters related to emergency medical care and home medical care required in remote areas d.
(2) Training time About 6 hours

How to apply for training, etc.

Flow from training application to dispatch

1 Download the special application form below, fill in the necessary information, and submit it by email.
When submitting, please be sure to contact the Remote Area Medical Support Organization (03-5320-4428 (direct)).

2. The person in charge of the worker dispatching agency will serve as the point of contact from the application to the receipt of the certificate of completion.
3. Please apply for attendance at the timing when dispatched workers to remote medical institutions have been unofficially decided. (Replacement personnel are also required to take this course.
4 It takes about two weeks from confirmation of completion to issuance of a certificate of completion.

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