Blood business in Tokyo

Based on the "Act on Securing a Stable Supply of Safe Blood Products" (Act No. 160 of June 25, 1956), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government aims to stably secure blood products essential for medical care. , promotes blood donation and proper use of blood products.

1 Securing blood donors

(1) Efforts to secure blood donors

With the aim of deepening the understanding of Tokyo residents about blood donation and supporting the smooth acceptance of blood donations by the Japanese Red Cross Society, we carry out initiatives such as blood donation campaigns three times a year and efforts to reach out to young people.
Please see the file below for specific details.

(2) Blood donation situation in Tokyo

According to the "Annual Report" issued by the Japanese Red Cross Society Tokyo Red Cross Blood Center, the number of blood donors in Tokyo in 2021 was 568,258, a slight increase from the previous year, but 4.0 compared to 2012. % and has been declining for the last 10 years.
In particular, the decrease in blood donors among the younger generation (teens and twenties) is remarkable, with a 33.0% decrease compared to FY2012. The ratio of young blood donors to all age groups is decreasing year by year.

2 Proper use of blood products

(1) Efforts for proper use of blood products

Blood products are pharmaceuticals whose active ingredients are obtained from human blood. Blood products are limited and valuable, and special attention must be paid to the risk of infectious diseases. doing.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has set up a meeting body (Proper Use of Blood Products Subcommittee) to consider the content of the project based on the opinions of experts.
Organizing the "Tokyo Metropolitan Blood Transfusion Therapy Study Group" where experts give lectures and discussions, "Advice Project" dispatching experts to medical institutions to provide advice on the proper use of blood products, blood products at medical institutions in Tokyo Proper use is being promoted through the implementation of a "blood transfusion situation survey," etc.

(2) Supply status of blood products for transfusion and blood transfusion status in Tokyo

Donated blood is not transfused as it is to those who need it, but it is common to divide it into red blood cells, platelets, plasma, and other blood components and transfuse them as blood products.
By age group, 63.4% of those who received blood transfusions in Tokyo in 2020 were over the age of 70, and by disease, malignant neoplasms accounted for 30.3%.

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