Tokyo Metropolitan Government AIDS Prevention Month Awareness Event

During the Tokyo Metropolitan Government AIDS Prevention Month, we will work on the following awareness-raising activities.

Online Lecture "HIV/AIDS Today ~Update Your Knowledge and Awareness~"

Dr. Yajima, who is a doctor at the Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, one of Tokyo's core hospitals for AIDS treatment, and is also active as an industrial physician, will give a lecture on the status of AIDS/HIV and the latest medical information.

For the panel discussion, Mr. Ikushima, representative of Place Tokyo, who provides support and telephone counseling for HIV-positive people, will be invited as a coordinator to discuss unconscious bias in the workplace and society and a workplace where everyone can work comfortably. think.

date and time

Monday, December 12, from 19:00 to 21:00


Online live streaming (pre-registration required)


Part 1 Lecture by an expert "The latest medicine for HIV/AIDS"

Lecturer: Cancer and Infectious Disease Center Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital

Infectious disease doctor Keishiro Yajima

Part 2 Panel discussion

“Are there any unconscious biases around you?

~Considering a Diverse Workplace with a Focus on HIV/AIDS~

Moderator: Non-Profit Organization Place Tokyo

Representative Yuzuru Ikushima

Panelists: Human resource managers of companies, etc. (tentative)

*Dr. Yajima will continue to participate.

* Please apply from the following URL or QR code.

QR code

HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign for Youth “Words of Love ~Let's talk about HIV/AIDS~”

For a limited time, we will deliver videos that teach you basic knowledge about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent it through flipbooks, as well as videos about HIV/AIDS by popular YouTubers.
Please see the URL below for distribution details.

"Words of Love ~Let's talk about HIV/AIDS~" is distributed on YouTube

HIV/AIDS/STI Prevention Awareness Festival for Young People "HIV/AIDS/STIs Let's think about prevention together!"

The behavior and psychology of young people that lead to sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS, their background, and how they and the people around them should behave, were invited by Mr. Sidow, a mental doctor, to talk from a medical and psychological point of view. increase. In addition, we will introduce the current situation and initiatives related to youth sexuality such as groups that are engaged in sexual activities, and we will all think about the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in the future.
At the venue, we will set up a place for exchanges and exhibition booths by related organizations, and exchange information and interact with each other.

date and time

Sunday, December 11, from 15:00 to 17:45


Forum 8 Queen's Square


Part 1: Dialogue "HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases from the perspective of a mental doctor"

Mental Doctor Sidow

Association of Public Health Nurses Working Together with Residents

Representative Mutsuko Watari

Part 2: Panel discussion by young people Part 3: Exchange meeting/exhibition

Red light up of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Illumination

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1 will be illuminated in red in connection with the "Red Ribbon", which is a symbol of understanding and support for HIV/AIDS.

date and time

December 1st (Thursday) to December 9th (Friday)

From 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (scheduled)

AIDS enlightenment panel exhibition

We will exhibit the basic knowledge of HIV/AIDS and guidance on testing and consultation.

date and time

From November 24th (Thursday) to November 30th (Wednesday)


Tokyo Metropolitan Government No. 1 Main Building 1F Central Artwork Space

PR for AIDS Prevention Month on Toei Transportation, Tokyo Metro, etc.

Appearance at the time of past posting

We will focus on raising awareness of AIDS prevention by utilizing advertisements in trains of Toei Transportation and Tokyo Metro, station bulletin boards, and digital signage in Nishi-Shinjuku and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

(main notice place)

In-car advertisement

Toei Transportation

All Toei Subway Lines (From November 16th to December 15th)

Nippori-Toneri Liner (From November 21st to December 25th)

Toei Bus (Ome Branch) (From November 17th to December 16th)

Toden Arakawa Line (From November 17th to December 16th)

Station bulletin board

Tokyo Metro

All 160 stations (From November 21st to November 27th)

*In addition, it will be posted in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and digital signage in Nishi-Shinjuku.


The person in charge of this page is the Infectious Disease Control Department, Epidemic Prevention and Information Management Section, AIDS Control Section (03-5320-4487).

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