telephone relay service


This is a public infrastructure service provided by the government that enables immediate two-way communication over the phone by having an operator interpret the conversation between a person with hearing or speech difficulties and a person who can hear. The usage fee varies depending on the plan you have registered.


  1. People with hearing or speech difficulties
  2. Hearing people who want to call people who have hearing or speech difficulties

How to Use

Use your smartphone or computer to acquire and use the phone number required for telephone relay. You can get a phone number by mailing or registering with a dedicated app (People who can hear do not need to get a phone number. The person can be contacted through the operator.)

Contact / Inquiries

Phone: 03-6275-0912 Fax: 03-6275-0913
Homepage: (link to external site)
Inquiries can be made via sign language or text chat on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use "Frequently Asked Questions".

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