Information on "The 44th National Day Care Research Conference 2022 in Nara"

The National Day Care Association holds an independent national research conference once a year, and Nara will be the venue for 2022. Although it is difficult to see the future due to the corona crisis, we are steadily preparing for the event, and from March 15, we have started pre-registration and abstract registration for the main event.

Let's take this opportunity to learn together and aim for a better service. We look forward to your participation.

Competition theme

"Working in harmony to provide day care." ~As a coordinator for independence support~

Tournament homepage

Tournament homepage

Exhibition period

July 1st (Friday) to July 2nd (Saturday), 2022


Nara Kasugano International Forum Iraka ~I・RA・KA~
101 Kasuganocho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture 630-8212

conference president

Masanori Hirai (Medical Corporation Konoikekai Executive Director)

Honorary President

Motoyo Hirai (President, Medical Corporation Konoikekai)

Executive Committee Chairman

Muneaki Nishida (Director, Rehabilitation Department, Medical Corporation Konoikekai)


National Day Care Association


Medical Corporation Konoikekai

Leaflet (flyer/outline)

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competition summary
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Tournament secretariat: Medical corporation Konoike-kai Health care facility for the elderly, Konoike-so TEL: 0745-64-2180 FAX: 0745-64-2063
Person in charge: Fukumoto, Matsumoto

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