Nomination of Candidates for the 11th Japan Medical Association Red Beard Award

The Japan Medical Association has decided to hold the 11th Japan Medical Association Red Beard Award.
This award places a spotlight on doctors who support the lives of local residents with a focus on health in the local medical field, and by honoring their achievements, we hope to contribute to the improvement of the medical environment and the enhancement of medical activities in each region. It was created for the purpose.
The winners will be introduced in a special program on Sankei Shimbun and BS Fuji. The outline of this award is as follows.

Organizer Japan Medical Association, Sankei Shimbun
Support Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Fuji Television, BS Fuji
Cooperation Prefectural Medical Association
Special sponsorship Taiyo Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
Target audience ・Doctors who are rooted in the community and strive to prevent illness and maintain and improve the health of residents in various situations, from the birth of life to the end of life, as a family doctor in the community, in addition to diagnosing illness ・The Japan Medical Association and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Active physicians who are members of the Prefectural Medical Association (excluding current officers of the Japan Medical Association and Prefectural Medical Associations)
*For past award winners, please refer to the official website of the Japan Medical Association or the Red Beard Award .
Recommendation method Each prefectural medical chairperson recommends one person who seems to be suitable for receiving this award.
*Although it is possible to nominate the "Redbeard Meritorious Service Award" as a candidate for the "Redbeard Grand Prize" again, the "Redbeard Meritorious Service Award" can only be presented once.
Nomination deadline August 31, 2020 (Wednesday)
Commendation From among the candidates recommended by the prefectural medical chairpersons, a screening meeting involving third parties, including officers of the Japan Medical Association, will select five "Red Beard Award" winners and a few "Red Beard Distinguished Service Award" winners. Awards will be given.
Winners of the Red Beard Grand Prize will receive a certificate, a commemorative gift, and a prize of 1,000,000 yen.
■For inquiries about the Japan Medical Association Red Beard Award, please contact the following.
Japan Medical Association Public Relations Division TEL 03-3942-6483 (Direct)
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