colon cancer screening

Notice of end of examination

Colorectal cancer examination of 2021 was finished.

  • Cancer screening is for healthy people without symptoms. If you have symptoms or are already undergoing follow-up, see a doctor instead of a checkup.

colon cancer screening

We recommend regular check-ups

Regular checkups lead to early detection and early treatment of diseases such as cancer.
Refraining from receiving medical examinations due to concerns about infection with the new coronavirus infection may delay the discovery of the disease.
At medical institutions and venues where examinations are conducted, we are taking measures to prevent infection, such as disinfection and physical condition checks.
Get regular checkups to stay healthy.

[Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Government] Cancer Screening and Health Checkup Guide for COVID-19 (external link)

Advantages and disadvantages of cancer screening

Cancer screening has disadvantages (disadvantages), so if you have no symptoms, you should only undergo examinations where the benefits (advantages) outweigh the disadvantages.

Target audience

Residents aged 35 or older (born before March 31, 1988)

  • Those who have the opportunity to undergo similar examinations at work, those who are undergoing treatment for the disease, and those who are undergoing follow-up are not eligible for this examination.

Examination contents

Medical interview/Faecal occult blood test

Implementation period

From June 1, 2020 to November 30, 2022


  • Implementation medical institution in Itabashi Ward
    A list of medical institutions is distributed with the consultation ticket.
  • Some implementation medical institutions in Nerima Ward
    If you would like to have a medical examination at a medical institution in Nerima Ward, please contact the person in charge.
    Person in charge: Health Promotion Section Adult Health Checkup Section 03-3579-2312

We have released the implementation medical institutions in Itabashi Ward.

[Corrections to the List of Medical Institutions]
Please check it in conjunction with the list of medical institutions distributed. Placement is indicated by “page number + top/middle/bottom of each page”.

[Medical institutions with modifications]

Medical institution name

Place of publication

Modification place

Corrected content

Aozora Clinic 2 pages down Medical institution name Nanairo Clinic
North Point Clinic 3 pages up Reception time Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 8:45-11:30
Mon/Wed/Fri 3:45-6:00 Sat 2:45-5:00
Imus Memorial Hospital in 3 pages remarks By appointment only
Kinoshita Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery 5 pages up remarks

Nishidai Murase Orthopedic Clinic

[Medical institutions withdrawing medical examinations]

Medical institution name

Place of publication

Nishidai Murase Orthopedic Clinic
(former Kinoshita Orthopedic and Plastic Surgery)
5 pages up


<Reference> Examination cost per person 2,563 yen

Sending a consultation ticket

  1. 40 to 75 years old in increments of 5 years old
  2. Those who are 36 years old or older and have undergone a 35-year-old medical checkup, ward general health checkup, or colorectal cancer screening in the past 3 years
  3. Those between the ages of 40 and 74 who are enrolled in Itabashi Ward's National Health Insurance as of April 1
  4. Those aged 75 or older who are enrolled in the Medical Care System for the Advanced Elderly as of April 1 (including those aged between 65 and 74 who have been certified as having certain disabilities)

For those who fall under 1 to 4 above, a consultation ticket will be sent at the end of May.
Eligible persons who are not listed in 1 to 4 above, or who moved in after April, need to apply individually.

Application method

《Before applying》
For colorectal cancer screening, we will automatically send a checkup ticket to those who are eligible for the National Health Insurance Specific Health Checkup, medical checkup for the elderly aged 75 or older, general health checkup for residents of the ward, and those who have had a checkup in the previous year.

  • [End of reception] Electronic application (Internet)
  • [Reception closed] Telephone health (examination) application window: 03-3579-2319
  • [End of reception] Postcard
  • [reception end] Health promotion section health (examination) examination application counter (ward office south building 3rd floor 21st counter)
    Please bring something that can confirm your identity (health insurance card, my number card, driver's license, etc.).

Explanation of results

Please be sure to receive an explanation of the examination results at the medical institution where you received the examination by the end of the month following the examination date.


  • The results of the examination will be provided to the ward through the implementing agency. In addition, if you receive a detailed examination based on the examination results, the city may receive information on the results of the detailed examination from the implementing agency. The results of medical examinations and detailed examinations will be used to improve the medical examination business and will be stored under appropriate management for five years. We ask that you give your consent before undergoing the examination.
  • If the result of the checkup is "requires a detailed examination," be sure to undergo a detailed examination.
  • If you need a detailed examination due to the examination results and are looking for a medical institution where you can receive a detailed examination, please use the following service.

    Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information Service "Himawari"
    Telephone 03-5272-0303
  • In addition to Japanese, telephone consultations are also available in English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Spanish.

    Telephone 03-5285-8181

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