Adult dental examination

Notice of end of examination

The 2022 adult dental examination will end on Wednesday, December 28.

If you are eligible for the 2021 adult dental checkup and have not yet undergone it in 2021, you can have it in 2022.
If you have a consultation ticket for 2021 at hand, you can use it as it is. If you do not have your ticket, please apply and we will reissue your ticket.
Please check the following for implementation period, application method, etc.

Adult dental examination

We recommend regular check-ups

Regular check-ups lead to early detection and early treatment of diseases.
Refraining from receiving medical examinations due to concerns about infection with the new coronavirus infection may delay the discovery of the disease.
At medical institutions and venues where examinations are conducted, we are taking measures to prevent infection, such as disinfection and physical condition checks.
Get regular checkups to stay healthy.

Target audience

40 years old (born from April 1, 1982 to March 31, 1983)
45 years old (born from April 1, 1977 to March 31, 1978)
50 years old (born between April 1, 1972 and March 31, 1973)
55 years old (born from April 1, 1967 to March 31, 1968)
60 years old (born between April 1, 1962 and March 31, 1963)
65 years old (born between April 1, 1957 and March 31, 1958)
70 years old (born between April 1, 1952 and March 31, 1953)

  • Age is as of March 31, 2023.

Screening period

From September 1, 2020 to December 28

Examination contents

Medical interview, oral examination (status of current teeth/lost teeth, status of periodontal tissue, status of oral hygiene, etc.), guidance on toothbrushing


A cooperative dental institution belonging to the Itabashi Dental Association

[Notice] The following medical institutions have been closed.
・Tezuka Dental Clinic
・Makino Dental Clinic


500 yen (please pay to the medical institution when you see a doctor)

  • If you are 70 years old, you can see a doctor for free. (We will send you a free consultation ticket.)
  • Those who are receiving public assistance, those who are receiving support benefits for Japanese remaining in China, etc., and those who belong to households exempt from resident tax are free of charge. Please apply for issuance of a free consultation ticket to the Health Promotion Division before undergoing a consultation.
    (Costs cannot be refunded after the consultation.)
    <Reference> Examination cost per person: 5,654 yen (including self-pay portion)

Sending a consultation ticket

A ticket will be sent to those eligible at the end of August. No application is required.

Application method

If you have moved into Itabashi Ward after August, you will need to apply.

  • [Reception until December 12] Application by electronic application (Internet)
  • [Reception until December 12] Apply by phone 03-3579-2319
  • [Reception until arrival on December 12] Application by postcard
  • [Reception until December 28] Apply at the health promotion section health (examination) application window (Ward Office South Building 3rd floor 21st window)
    * Please bring something that can confirm your identity (My number card, driver's license, health insurance card, etc.).

Explanation of results and health guidance

Be sure to receive an explanation and guidance on the results of the examination at a medical institution.


  • The results of the examination will be provided to the ward through the implementing agency. In addition, if you receive a detailed examination based on the examination results, the city may receive information on the results of the detailed examination from the implementing agency. The results of medical examinations and detailed examinations will be used to improve the medical examination business and will be stored under appropriate management for five years. We ask that you give your consent before undergoing the examination.
  • If the result of the checkup is "requires a detailed examination," be sure to undergo a detailed examination.
  • If you need a detailed examination due to the examination results and are looking for a medical institution where you can receive a detailed examination, please use the following service.

    Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information Service "Himawari"
    Phone: 03-5272-0303
  • In addition to Japanese, telephone consultations are also available in English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Spanish.
    Phone: 03-5285-8181

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