Subsidies for petition expenses for the adult guardianship system and remuneration expenses for adult guardians, etc.

The adult guardianship system protects the rights of those who are unable to make decisions on their own due to dementia, intellectual disabilities, mental disorders, etc., and who find it difficult to manage contracts and property on their own. This is a system in which the family court selects a helper (such as an "adult guardian") and provides legal support.
Those who wish to use this system and who find it difficult to bear the costs necessary to file a petition or remuneration for an adult guardian can receive subsidies for all or part of the costs.

Target/subsidy details

Both have conditions of address and income. For details on conditions and how to apply, please contact the Nakano Ward Adult Guardianship Support Center (phone: 03-5380-0134, fax: 03-5380-0591).

Petition Expense Subsidy

Petition fees, appraisal costs, etc. for the petitioner who intends to file a trial request for the commencement of guardianship, etc. (Subsidy by stamps, stamps, etc.)

Compensation cost subsidy (maximum amount per month)

Subsidies for wards who have been appointed guardians of adults who are not relatives by the family court. 25,000 yen if the ward is living at home, 20,000 yen if the ward is living in a facility, etc.

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